Formula 1: This is how the paddock reacts to Vettel’s resignation

Sebastian Vettel (35) announced his retirement at the end of the season on the sidelines of the Hungarian GP. This is how the Formula 1 paddock reacts.

Red Bull Motorsport Director Helmut Marko: “I’m happy for him. The step is correct and consistent. Thank you for a great time at Red Bull with four world titles.”

Lewis Hamilton: “Seb, it was a great honor to call you my competitor and an even greater honor to call you my friend… Love you, man”

World Champion Max Verstappen: “Sebastian has achieved so much in his career, but his retirement was foreseeable – he has won so many races and championships, an amazing career, he is a great ambassador for our sport. But each of us gets older. At some point the moment simply comes to do something else in your life. It’s not comfortable for his fans, but it’s inevitable. I think he should now enjoy family life. Formula 1 takes such a short duration in your life but you work so hard to reach your goals. Now is the time for him to enjoy.”

Mick Schumacher reacts sadly to Sebastian Vettel’s resignation.

Mike Schumacher: “I am so sad that you are going, but at the same time excited for you and your new chapter in life. You were and are such an important person to me and I am grateful for our friendship. Thank you for everything you have done for the sport we both love so much. I can hardly wait for our last races together. Thank you Seb, you are an inspiration!”

Lawrence Stroll (Aston Martin Chairman): “I want to thank Sebastian from the bottom of my heart for the great job he has done for Aston Martin over the past year and a half. We made it clear to him that we would have liked to have continued with him for the next year, but in the end he did what felt right for him and his family and of course we respect that.”

Mike Krack (Aston Martin Team Principal): “Sebastian is a great driver – fast, intelligent, strategic – and of course we will miss his qualities. We all learned from him and the knowledge we gained from working with him will continue to help our team long after he’s gone.”

Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz: “For me, he has long been one of the great role models, that was the case even before my promotion to Formula 1. I had the privilege of being a simulator driver for Red Bull Racing when he was at his most successful. I could see how professional he was and he gave me a good insight into the way you have to behave to be a successful Formula 1 driver. I can still remember well that he always had nice words for me back then, as well as lots of tips. As I said, he is a great role model and a good ambassador for the sport. Everyone in the paddock loves him, you don’t hear anyone badmouthing him. I think that speaks for his good character, he will certainly be missed not only as a driver but also as a person. And I hope that we will see him again in the paddock. I hope he helps the sport develop in certain areas that he has been very strong in lately. I hope that he will continue to support us there.”

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