Formula 1 USA GP in Austin: Verstappen keeps Hamilton in check

What a finish in the Western duel of the big World Cup rivals: Just 1.333 seconds separate Verstappen and pursuers Hamilton on Sunday after 56 sweaty laps at the finish. For Verstappen, the Austin triumph is already the eighth win of the season, the 18th of his career. Red Bull is at the top of the podium in Texas for the first time since 2013 and is also celebrating its 200th Formula 1 podium.

“I liked the way we played out the strategy. Sometimes it’s good to be aggressive,” laughed Sieger Verstappen. “We lost our position at the start, so we had to try something. We weren’t quite sure, but it worked,” says the Dutchman and is pleased: “We were there today, especially in the fast corners. I’m very satisfied . ”

Lewis Hamilton in a duel with Max Verstappen.

Title rival Hamilton can find no way past Verstappen despite eight laps younger tires. “It was such a demanding race today. I got off to a good start, gave everything. But in the end they just had the upper hand this weekend,” said Hamilton. There is still praise from Mercedes sports director Toto Wolff: “Even if we don’t like the end result, it was a brilliant drive,” he told Hamilton.

Hamilton also gets the extra point for the fastest race lap, losing only six championship points to Verstappen and is now twelve points behind the Red Bull star with five races to go. His team mate Sergio Perez completes the podium in third place, much to the delight of the many Mexican fans in Texas.

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Ferrari star Charles Leclerc took fourth place ahead of McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo. Sebastian Vettel crowns his chase after starting from 18th place on the grid with a point because of his engine penalty. After a ride out by Alfa Romeo old master Kimi Räikkönen, Vettel moved up to tenth place in the final laps. Compatriot Mick Schumacher finished the race in the Haas in 16th place.

That was the race in Austin

Hamilton got off to a better start than Verstappen and was able to squeeze past the Dutchman in turn one, who initially had to place himself behind his World Cup rival. In lap two, however, Verstappen radioed with his box view of Hamilton: “He slips quite a bit.” The Red Bull Star can be faster and stays in the DRS window, but initially cannot find a way around it.

Hamilton also informs his box on lap seven: “He’s faster than me at the moment.” At the end of lap ten, Red Bull reacts and brings Verstappen early to change tires on hard tires. Then the Dutchman flies and hits several best times. When Mercedes reacts on lap 13 and calls Hamilton to stop, it quickly becomes clear: Red Bull’s undercut has opened, Verstappen is 6.5 seconds ahead of Hamilton after the stops.

On lap 26, Hamilton is back to 3 seconds. In order not to let the Brit get into the undercut window, Verstappen comes again to change tires at the end of lap 29. Hamilton’s times are not significantly worse after that, despite much older tires. The Mercedes box therefore tells the Briton that they will extend the stint six to seven laps in order to have a tire advantage at the end.

Sebastian Vettel secures the last point in Austin.

At the end of lap 37, Hamilton came in and came back on the track, 8.8 seconds behind Verstappen, with 19 remaining laps. “It will be decided in the last three laps,” said Mercedes to the world champion on the radio. The targeted race to catch up is delayed briefly, however, on lap 40 the gap even increases to nine seconds. But then the Brit unpacks the hammer, pulverizes the residue and is ten laps before the end of Verstappen to 3.3 seconds.

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With a gap of only 1.7 seconds, the two World Cup opponents go to the final five rounds, with 1.5 seconds in the last three. Only at the beginning of the last lap is Hamilton briefly in the DRS window again, but for the long back straight he falls out of it again – and the final attack is thus canceled. After 56 laps, Verstappen crossed the finish line as the winner, 1.3 seconds ahead of Hamilton.

USA Grand Prix

1. Max Verstappen (Netherlands) – Red Bull 1:34: 36.552 hours
2. Lewis Hamilton (Great Britain) – Mercedes +1.333 sec.
3. Sergio Perez (Mexico) – Red Bull +42.223
4. Charles Leclerc (Monaco) – Ferrari +52.246
5. Daniel Ricciardo (Australia) – McLaren +1: 16.854 min.
6. Valtteri Bottas (Finland) – Mercedes +1: 20,128
7. Carlos Sainz Jr. (Spain) – Ferrari +1: 23.545
8. Lando Norris (UK) – McLaren +1: 24.395
9. Yuki Tsunoda (Japan) – Alpha Tauri + 1 round.
10. Sebastian Vettel (Heppenheim) – Aston Martin + 1 round.
11. Antonio Giovinazzi (Italy) – Alfa Romeo + 1 rd.
12. Lance Stroll (Canada) – Aston Martin + 1 rd.
13. Kimi Raikkonen (Finland) – Alfa Romeo + 1 rd.
14. George Russell (Great Britain) – Williams + 1 rd.
15. Nicholas Latifi (Canada) – Williams + 1 rd.
16. Mick Schumacher (Gland / Switzerland) – Haas + 2 rounds.
17.Nikita Masepin (Russia) – Haas + 2 rd.


Pierre Gasly (France) – Alpha Tauri (15th round)
Esteban Ocon (France) – Alpine (41st round)
Fernando Alonso (Spain) – Alpine (50th round)

Driver standings after 17 of 22 races

1. Max Verstappen (Netherlands) – Red Bull 287.5 pts.
2. Lewis Hamilton (Great Britain) – Mercedes 275.5
3. Valtteri Bottas (Finland) – Mercedes 185.0
4. Sergio Perez (Mexico) – Red Bull 150.0
5. Lando Norris (Great Britain) – McLaren 149.0
6. Charles Leclerc (Monaco) – Ferrari 128.0
7. Carlos Sainz Jr. (Spain) – Ferrari 122.5
8. Daniel Ricciardo (Australia) – McLaren 105.0
9. Pierre Gasly (France) – Alpha Tauri 74.0
10. Fernando Alonso (Spain) – Alpine 58.0
11. Esteban Ocon (France) – Alpine 46.0
12. Sebastian Vettel (Heppenheim) – Aston Martin 36.0
13. Lance Stroll (Canada) – Aston Martin 26.0
14. Yuki Tsunoda (Japan) – Alpha Tauri 20.0
15. George Russell (Great Britain) – Williams 16.0
16. Nicholas Latifi (Canada) – Williams 7.0
17. Kimi Raikkonen (Finland) – Alfa Romeo 6.0
18. Antonio Giovinazzi (Italy) – Alfa Romeo 1.0
19. Mick Schumacher (Germany) – Haas 0
20.Nikita Mazepin (Russia) – Haas 0

Constructors’ standings after 17 of 22 races

1. Mercedes 460.5 pts.
2. Red Bull 437.5
3. McLaren 254.0
4. Ferrari 250.5
5. Alpine 104.0
6. Alpha Tauri 94.0
7. Aston Martin 62.0
8. Williams 23.0
9. Alfa Romeo 7.0
10. Haas 0

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