Formula 1: Verstappen defends Latifi and Hamilton

The Mercedes appointment has been withdrawn, the World Cup trophy has been awarded to Max Verstappen (24) – the bad mood at least at Red Bull has given way to the realization that Verstappen has achieved something historic.
But the newly crowned world champion also thinks of the loser when it comes to success and appreciates how Lewis Hamilton (36) behaved in the face of the defeat. “My whole team and I were absolutely over the moon,” said the Red Bull star in an interview with a sponsor. “But of course there is also the other side that is disappointed and angry.”

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen after the Formula 1 final in Abu Dhabi

But the Dutchman appreciates that Hamilton congratulated him fairly on the podium. “It was nice that Lewis came up to me straight away and said, ‘Well done, congratulations!’” Verstappen replied, “’Thank you for an amazing season.’ Because at the end of the day I think it’s been an amazing season no matter who won or finished second. We pushed each other to the limit in every single race. “

Hamilton’s father Anthony has also congratulated father and son Verstappen. Jos Verstappen reveals: “He congratulated us on the podium right in front of the aisle, that was really nice. I also had a few conversations with him on WhatsApp during the season. You have already won seven titles, so it’s different from us, but our relationship has always been characterized by respect. “

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner praised Verstappen’s patience and stamina in the final, which did not look good for the Dutchman for a long time. “Max simply refused to give up,” emphasizes the Briton. “He never whined on the radio, worked hard every round, and suddenly an opportunity arose.”

After the restart, the Dutchman surprised Hamilton from Horner’s point of view. “When you look at his overtaking maneuver at turn five, I don’t think Lewis expected that. He didn’t even defend himself. I think he was waiting for Max at turn six, but he caught him off guard. Typical Verstappen! “

He in turn jumps to the side of the driver who made the attack on Hamilton possible with his accident: Nicholas Latifi. The Williams pilot has since suffered a shit storm on social media.

Verstappen: “I am very sorry for Nicholas. The shit storm is very unfair. Every driver tries to do his best. Nobody creates an accident on purpose. ”His advice to the Canadian:“ He should turn off his cell phone and not listen to criticism. ”

Latifi has endured a shit storm on social media since his accident.

Latifi himself explains: “I fought with Mick Schumacher. It pushed me a little off the road, which is part of it, but when I got off the line with dirty tires, I was really fighting for grip in the next corners. ”

The reason for the crash is therefore clear, with no intention. “I wasn’t aware of the situation in the race until then,” confirms the safety car trigger. “Of course it is never my intention to accidentally influence it, but I made a mistake. I can only apologize. “

With Verstappen, he certainly doesn’t have to.

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