Formula 1: Verstappen drives all in white in Turkey

Incredible, but true: the fewer races there are until the end of the season, the closer the championship battle with Mercedes top dog Lewis Hamilton seems to be, the more relaxed Max Verstappen (24) appears. The Red Bull superstar smiles away all questions about pressure in Turkey on Thursday. “I’m highly focused and relaxed at the same time.”

The Dutchman sounds convincing when he says: “You can’t force anything. We always have to get the best out of the package. But without stress. Even if we finished second, we’d have a great season. World champion or no world champion; it wouldn’t change my life. “

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He grins aside, especially the provocative questions from Hamilton’s British compatriots, whether he had learned from the collisions at Silverstone and Monza. Verstappen answers loosely like a Tibetan monk who is completely at peace with himself, who is currently sitting cross-legged and with arms outstretched looking up to the roof of the world, completely detached from his own self and knows that there is something bigger than simple ambition: “If I can overtake”, short pause, the knowing smile becomes even wider, “then I have to be ready.”

But Verstappen is very aware that his second place in the rain in Sochi was fantastic – when you consider that he had to start from behind because of the engine change. The Red Bull star: “Mercedes was extremely strong in Sochi. I was able to plow through the field, but I also know that it will be difficult in the future. Some courses will speak for Mercedes, some for us. “

It is important to know: “We have a good package, especially now with the fresh engine. On every racetrack it will be crucial to adjust the car to the different grip levels of the individual courses. “

Max Verstappen remains relaxed despite the tight World Championship fight.

In Istanbul he still doesn’t have a clear picture. Reason: Last year, the route on the Asian side of the metropolis on the Bosphorus stood out for its extremely little grip. With water showers around the course, the organizers tried this year to free the asphalt from its chronic smear layer. “Even if the grip is still poor,” says the Dutchman, “it’s the same for everyone. I can only say: the track is one of my favorites. It was always my favorite on the game console. “

He also loves the color of his Red Bull in Istanbul, which was specially made for Honda. The Austrians compete as “White Bull” in white Honda colors. Verstappen: “I love it. Honda deserves it. Especially since our collaboration continues. “
What Verstappen means: Red Bull and the Japanese will work together until the end of 2022 despite Honda’s exit at the end of this season. Until then, Honda will support Red Bull Powertrains with technical expertise. Then Red Bull will not only get the engines and the design rights to them and develop them further on their own – they will also take over the Honda engineers and continue to employ them in their technology center in the factory in Milton Keynes.
Alone: ​​Even with the usual questions about children, Verstappen remained amused and relaxed. The kid wanted to know which driver he would support if he didn’t have to drive against him. Verstappen replied without hesitation: “Fernando Alonso. He’s a big star and I like the way he races. “

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The Spaniard, confronted with it a little later, immediately returned the compliment. “Next to George Russell, Max is the driver because of whom I watched the races during my Formula 1 break. Both make the difference. Max looks extremely relaxed. In any case, he handles the pressure better than others. ”

Hamilton won’t like to hear that …

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