Formula 1: Verstappen learned karting with Schumi

Max Verstappen (24) first brought the Formula 1 boom and now the world championship title to Holland. The reaction of his home country to the success is reminiscent of the Schumania that broke out in this country in the mid-1990s. Verstappen also has a strong German streak.

The Dutchman speaks almost perfect German, although he did not learn the language at school. “My father started speaking German with me at a very early age,” he told ABMS reporters even before he won the title. “Mainly on the go-kart tracks. He wanted it that way, in order to have a balance to the conversations at home. “

That fits: Verstappen also made his first attempts at driving on routes in Germany. “In Feuerbach-Hahn, for example,” he recalls. “I think the track no longer exists. Then in Ampfing and of course a lot in Kerpen, the home of Michael Schumacher. “

The current defending champion has even more in common with the German record world champion. As a former team-mate at Benetton, Jos Verstappen was close friends with Michael Schumacher. Both families even went on vacation together. Meanwhile, more and more photos of the Mini-Max with Schumacher senior are appearing.

Max Verstappen and Michael Schumacher

But of course, at the time, Verstappen junior did not yet know who the amiable uncle really was. Verstappen to ABMS: “I was three or four years old at the time. I just knew this was Uncle Michael. Who was very nice. Who was an extremely big family man. But I never saw him as a record world champion, I wasn’t aware of that. You can see that in the old photos and videos that we have at home. Mick or Gina (Schumacher’s daughter; d. Editor) was always there. It was great. I still have positive memories of those weekends today. “

Especially since things got down to business quickly. “We always went karting in two-seaters,” says Verstappen. “Michael with Mick or Gina, my father with me.” The kids were also allowed to take the wheel. “But when it got too dangerous, the fathers quickly took over,” laughs Max today.

So the fact is: Mick Schumacher and Max Verstappen, as the sons of Formula 1 drivers, learned to drive karting together and playfully. Nevertheless, the new world champion does not want to compare his career path with that of Mick Schumacher.
Verstappen: “It was different for Mick than it was for me. His father is the record world champion, with seven world championships. That’s a difficult starting position at first. Even during his karting days, there was always the press around him. In Formula 4, Formula 3 and Formula 2 the hype got even bigger. But he has a good environment, good people who take care of him. “
Verstappen junior has them too. For him, the perfect career planning by father Jos led to his first World Cup title with Red Bull in 2021. Mick Schumacher is still a long way from such a success at Haas. But he will certainly want to take an example from his old kart buddy Max.

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