Formula 1: Vettel 2020: Self-doubt, but no games

Self-doubt, but no games

Sebastian Vettel speaks openly in two large interviews about his mental life in his last season at Ferrari.

KCrises can also make you stronger. They can make people self-contained and the outlines of their character are sharper afterwards. Sebastian Vettel (33) is such an example. After a difficult season with Ferrari, which at the moment is more of a war of roses than a partnership, the four-time world champion has apparently taken the next step in his personality development.

This is clear from three examples from the recent past. Even his helmet design in the colors of the rainbow (a symbol of tolerance) showed that the Heppenheimer wants to send clear statements. And no longer takes into account what is perceived as politically correct when, as a Formula 1 driver, you are part of a cosmos that does not want to see any critical thoughts of your main characters in public.

Vettel drives his last season for Ferrari

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Two interviews confirm Vettel’s change from a part-time muzzle to a seeker of the truth. The Heppenheimer sounds thoughtful during “Die Zeit”, but still doesn’t mince his words. “My journey with Ferrari is coming to an end. During the time we spent together as a team, we missed our goals, we are disappointed. It’s not like Mercedes dominates the races because they’re lucky. As a team, we didn’t manage to keep up and keep up with the pace, ”says Vettel plainly.

But one thing is certain: He does not want to bend under any circumstances. Vettel alludes to the fact that as a Formula 1 driver you have to take part in political games in order to keep the upper hand in the team. This is what they say behind the scenes to Nicolas Todt, the bustling manager of Vettel’s team-mate Charles Leclerc. Vettel added: “You can actually get along with me. I am not a fan of any games, of mood-making in the background. I don’t believe in playing anyone off or luring them on the wrong track. He (Leclerc, ed.) And I are each at a different point in our careers. I’m much further, I’m older and have seen a lot. A lot is still very new to him. Wherever the sausage is involved, some people choose to do things that are not always right or fair. But I don’t care because: I’m not like that. Maybe I would have done better with it here and there, but the bottom line is that I don’t mind suffering from the consequences. “

Alone: ​​Vettel admits to having doubted himself. Der Hesse: “This year is a difficult year for me, in which I also feel self-doubt because, let’s put it calmly, I haven’t gotten to the green branch yet. The situation isn’t the easiest either: the contract is about to expire, the relationship between the team and me is a bit frozen – yes, it’s no longer the big love affair. Nevertheless, my own expectations are still very high. ”He feels that he is“ very self-critical ”and“ if things don’t go well, first look at what I could have done better before I point my finger at others. ”

In another interview with the “Corriere dello Sport” he follows his path of clear words. Despite the separation, he remains a fan of the Ferrari legend, but adds confidently: “I think you will miss me the most.”

One thing is certain: Aston Martin can look forward to a Vettel in 2021 who is more open and more analytical than ever before.


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