Formula 1: Vettel Cup on the kitchen table

Vettel trophy on the kitchen table

Ferrari star Sebastian Vettel was in a good mood at the press conference in Bahrain. His 121st podium motivated him

D.he podium at the Turkish Grand Prix was visibly done by Sebastian Vettel (33). Even under the mask, the good mood was written on his face. The trophy fetishist revealed: “It had been quite a long time since my 120th podium, so I was very happy to receive a trophy again. It’s now on my kitchen table – unless someone has put it away in the meantime. ”The kitchen table at home in Switzerland: The German had already set up his World Cup trophies there. There has been a trophy slack there since Mexico 2019.


Vettel is Bahrain’s record winner

© Ferrari

With the Istanbul pot, motivation is back at Vettel. “We have seen in recent races that we could improve the car, so I’m curious to see how competitive we can be on this track,” he says. The conditions are right: with four victories, the Ferrari star is the most successful of the current drivers in Bahrain. Most recently, he was at the top of the podium in 2018.

But Vettel’s thoughts have long been with his new Aston Martin team. A special test like the one Ferrari is planning for Carlos Sainz is currently not up for discussion at Aston Martin. Vettel: “So work at Aston Martin won’t start until next year, and I’ll probably only be back in the car when we do a winter test. If we really only have three days of winter testing, it will certainly be short, but the same for everyone. You can learn a lot in one and a half days. ”


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