Formula 1: Vettel dilemma at the end of his career

Sebastian Vettel (35) still has nine Formula 1 races ahead of him. Then he ends his career. The Heppenheimer is currently 14th in the World Championship. With just 16 points, he is 25 points behind Fernando Alonso, who is tenth.

But an F1 farewell in the top ten seems unlikely for Vettel at the moment. Because there will be no more major updates to the Aston Martin AMR22. Performance director Tom McCullough reveals: “We left ourselves a development budget. But we have already developed a lot and changed the car a lot.”

Vettel will probably have to cope with the rest of the Formula 1 season without updates.

That’s why the team based in Silverstone is already concentrating on 2023. “The development of the car for 2023 is already underway,” says McCullough. It is theoretically possible to develop “larger parts such as a wing”, “but that costs a lot of money. You can also wait (until 2023; ed.).”

Background: The budget cap prevents teams from spending money unchecked. Aston Martin has to calculate exactly how much they are still investing in the current season. “It’s a simple question of value for money,” confirms McCullough.

However, the benefit at Aston Martin is manageable. The racing team is lagging behind in ninth place in the World Championship, already 75 points behind fifth-placed McLaren.

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