Formula 1: Vettel disadvantage gone, updates are coming

Sebastian Vettels (33) enjoyment of Formula 1 is currently limited. Driving the fastest cars in the world to the limit is still a nice feeling, but traveling and all the questions are annoying. That was Vettel’s response to a fan question about what he loves most about Formula 1 and what he hates most.

The media representatives are currently not the most pleasant conversation partners for the former world champion. It is not the journalists’ fault that Vettel continues to follow after his move to Aston Martin.

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“It’s no secret that we expected a stronger year,” the German admits himself. “We can still grow as a team. There are many little things that we look at that we can improve. The spirit is great, so I’m happy here, even if the results are not what we were hoping for. ”

Vettel may be happy AT Aston Martin, but not IM Aston Martin. “Our car isn’t fast enough,” he says. “We just don’t have the grip. The rules hurt us more than other teams. But that’s the way it is and we have to make the best of it. “

Vettel disadvantage gone, updates are coming

In Barcelona, ​​Vettel will also be able to enjoy the aero update.

It is not as relaxed as Vettel talks about the situation. It’s seething behind the scenes. According to insiders, team owner Lawrence Stroll continues to put pressure on the FIA. The Canadian billionaire wants to give Aston Martin more freedom to improve the car. According to rumors, he is also said to have harnessed Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff to support him in his persuasion. But according to observers, it will be a pointless undertaking. Aston Martin needs to make the most of the tools they have.

After all: In Barcelona, ​​Vettel can also enjoy the aero update that his team-mate Lance Stroll was able to use in Portugal.

“Ideally, you want to equip both cars with it at the same time, but that’s not always possible,” said Performance Head Tom McCullough. “It takes a while for aero updates to be invented, tested, proven and manufactured. They are produced one after the other, not in parallel. So sometimes you only have time to make a set before the cars are transported to the next GP. “McCullough confirms:” For the next race weekend in Barcelona we expect to have produced enough parts to equip both vehicles with the aero update to be able to. “

Specifically, it is about further developments around the underbody – the current Achilles heel of the AMR21. Vettel knows from Stroll’s experience in Portimao: “They do what they are supposed to do, so that should be a step forward. But we don’t know what the other teams are doing and whether they bring updates. ”

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The Heppenheimer turns a good face into a bad game. “I always give everything when I’m in the car. We know that we are currently not fighting for big points, podiums or victories. But the atmosphere is good, the team is making progress, I’m making progress. ”The question that remains is how much longer he can motivate himself if the car is not fast enough and the questions are too annoying …

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