Formula 1: Vettel does not assume “bad intentions”

Vettel does not assume “malicious intent”

Sebastian Vettel only started from tenth after a mistake in qualifying. But why was Leclerc suddenly so quick?

Es is not the weekend of Sebastian Vettel (33). First his Ferrari bucked, then the German himself bucked his fastest lap. As a reminder: his charge air cooler went on strike in the first free practice, and the pedals in the second and third practice. Good preparation looks different.
But Vettel continues to stand behind Ferrari: “I don’t want anyone to have bad intent. On my side, qualifying was not ideal either, ”said the German.
What he means: on his fastest lap, he easily got off the track – so the time was cut. In the end, only tenth jumped out, nine tenths of a second behind teammate Charles Leclerc in fourth place. Vettel: “I never found the rhythm and it’s extremely important here.”

Vettel only started from tenth after a mistake in qualifying

The competition from Red Bull still puzzles why Leclerc’s Ferrari was suddenly so fast again – and only lost 0.012 seconds to Max Verstappen. Chief consultant Helmut Marko: “It is a mystery to us where Leclerc got the speed. He was faster on the straights than we were. However, that only seems to have been the case for him, not for Vettel. ”In fact, Leclerc only lost 0.255 seconds to Ferrari’s best time in 2019.

Nevertheless, Vettel does not lose his good mood. On Thursday, he conducted a cheerful interview with the Italian daily La Repubblica, whose audio file SPORT1 is available. When asked about the restructuring of the technology department, the answer came: “I hope it will have a quick impact this year, otherwise I don’t care and don’t concern me.” That’s him again, the old rascal from Hesse!

The German does not speak out when it comes to the performance of his team. “We have become part of the midfield,” he admits, “in the sense that we fight with McLaren, Renault and other teams.”

Still, he doesn’t look back in resentment. Vettel: “I don’t regret the time I had at Ferrari. I think I might not have the support I needed, wanted or requested here and there, but overall I always had people around me who were ready to help me both on the track and in Maranello . “

Heppenheimer also takes humor in the fact that Scuderia is now relying on Charles Leclerc and no longer on Vettel, who is now 33 years old: “Mr Marchionne also gave me the promise when he explained to me that they were looking for someone to rebuild the team . Back then I was the candidate, now not anymore … “

The mood is right – the starting place is not. Still, Vettel doesn’t sound like someone thinking about quitting right now. “In any case, I feel competitive – mentally and physically no less than in the past. I want to make the best choice for myself. Maybe in two or more weeks I can say what I’ve decided. I’m not in a hurry.”

Aston Martin, Red Bull or Alpha Tauri – it is still completely open where Vettel will drive in 2021. Alpha Tauri team boss Franz Tost says that he takes his time. The Austrian, an avowed Vettel fan, says: “Driver decisions are made by others at Red Bull. Mostly in September or October. Let’s wait.”


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