Formula 1 – Vettel doubt: “Can I still do my job at all?”

Sebastian Vettel allowed a glimpse into his soul a few weeks after announcing his retirement. His departure from Formula 1 has therefore been on his mind for a long time.

“Two different worlds have been colliding for some time now: sporting ambition, which has always been my greatest motivation, and at the same time I also want to be there for the family. For the children,” says the Aston Martin driver in an interview with the weekly newspaper Die Zeit. “It’s getting harder and harder for me to combine the two. This is noticeable in small things, when getting out of the house and boarding a plane becomes an effort to overcome. And if the next time the children also say: ‘Stay here, don’t go!’, it will be even more difficult.”

But the four-time world champion also revealed doubts about his own ability in the interview. Vettel: “I became particularly aware of that two years ago. When things weren’t going well here at Aston Martin, I asked myself: Can I still do my job at all? As a professional, you don’t really talk about that, somehow it seems to be frowned upon. But what if it was? Personal weaknesses and thoughts about them are part of performance and also part of success.”

Vettel does not rule out an involvement in racing.

After all: The Heppenheimer was apparently able to answer the question positively, as he suggests. “At least for this realization, the past two years have been worth their weight in gold for me.”

The German also talks about his time at Ferrari: “The new task drove me back then. My hero was always Michael Schumacher. I thought about his world title with the Reds. The enthusiasm lasted until 2018, when I was close to success for the second time and then the hoped-for increase didn’t materialize at the end. 2019 was sobering because the chassis of our car wasn’t good enough for a powerful engine. At the same time, the children at my home began to grow up. Experiencing that sharpened my perspective on what else is happening in the world, how much our environment is changing.”

Therefore, the future Formula 1 pensioner can also imagine working more in and with nature in the future. “I really like tinkering with wood,” he says. “Who knows, maybe I’ll do a carpentry apprenticeship. Maybe it fulfills me so much that after that I only build chairs. Or maybe I’ll say after a year. It’s fun to do something every now and then. But it doesn’t have to be my purpose in life now. And I like farming, which has gotten to me more and more over the past few years.”

But he also doesn’t rule out a commitment in racing. Vettel: “It doesn’t have to follow immediately afterwards, but I can well imagine working in motorsport if it’s the right role. There are also areas that are far removed from classic Formula 1.”

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