Formula 1: Vettel is looking forward to Aston Martin and Mercedes engine

Vettel is looking forward to the Mercedes engine

Sebastian Vettel’s enthusiasm for Formula 1 is back. He wants to accelerate with Aston Martin. That is why he is full of anticipation.

Noch is the new Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel (33) on a secret mission. But slowly the fog is clearing, more and more information is seeping through, what exactly his project “Back on the road to success” looks like with the James Bond cult brand. In any case, in February there will be the official team presentation at the Aston Martin headquarters in Gaydon, Warwickshire.
One thing is certain: the basic color of the car and overalls will be green. The Heppenheimer, who mostly only saw red at Ferrari last season, can hardly wait. Vettel on “I’m really looking forward to the new challenge. I can hardly wait for it to finally start. “

He’s already ticked off his Ferrari years. “I don’t want to miss it, but I’m someone who prefers to always look ahead.”

He is particularly excited about the Mercedes engine, the recognized industry leader in the drive sector. So far, Vettel has only driven Renault, Ferrari and BMW engines in his career. But never with the monster drive from the Stuttgart racing engine factory in Brixworth. Vettel: “Of course, I’m really excited to see how it feels.”

Sebastian Vettel’s enthusiasm for Formula 1 is back.

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But: he doesn’t change anything. With physiotherapist Antti Kontsas and press lady Britta Roeske, he brings two long-time companions to the British luxury brand. He also wants to keep the habit of giving his cars women’s names. Vettel: “I think I’ll do it. I already have an idea. In any case, it has to be a name that fits Aston Martin. “

Until the presentation in February, the Heppenheimer wants to stop by the F1 factory in Silverstone as often as possible. Seat adjustment, getting to know the workforce and numerous simulator drives are on the program until the end of February or mid-March (the shift from Barcelona to Bahrain is currently being discussed) for the only three days of testing before the first race (probably March 28th in Bahrain) gives.

Vettel: “So far there are of course a lot of new faces for me there, but I am confident that it will work. You always have to be open to new things. I will get to know a lot of new people, new ways of working, new approaches – and I wouldn’t be well advised to believe that only my way is the right one. ”

If Vettel’s predecessor Sergio Perez has his way, the four-time world champion can look forward to a team that suits him perfectly. The Mexican, who is moving to Red Bull, is certain: “Sebastian definitely made the right decision. He comes to a team that consists of pure racers. He’ll enjoy that and I’m sure everyone will have a lot of fun there together. And are successful too. Because, in my opinion, Aston Martin will be one of the strongest teams in 2021. He’ll definitely have a great car. ”
Vettel will be happy to hear that.


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