Formula 1: Vettel opts for the Aston Martin DB11

Vettel opts for the DB11

Sebastian Vettel is an avowed car fan. In a commercial, he first expressed a preference for the Aston Martin models

Sebastian Vettel (33) is now promoting non-alcoholic beer with his Aston Martin F1 team – and revealing his preference for his employer’s series models.
The Heppenheimer is an avowed car fan. He recently parted ways with eight supercars, including five Ferraris. But that doesn’t mean his garage is empty. Vettel also collects vintage cars and motorcycles and works on the treasure in his own workshop.

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Farewell to Ferrari should also be less painful for him because he is now running for Aston Martin. The formerly ailing British sports car manufacturer is currently working on its comeback with the DBX, Lawrence Stroll as major shareholder and ex-AMG boss Tobias Moers. And wants to pimp it up with the presence in Formula 1.
For Vettel, this also means that his new company car will be a model from the James Bond brand. Which one he particularly likes, the Hessian revealed in a commercial for non-alcoholic beer, a new partner of his team.
When the Heppenheimer has to decide between the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera and the DB11, he chooses: the DB11!

Sebastian Vettel

© Aston Martin

The sports car coupé has been in production since 2017, when it also won the Golden Steering Wheel as “the most beautiful car”. The engine is also impressive: 5.2-liter V12 biturbo with 639 hp …

However, it cannot have been because of that, because the DBS Superleggera (in production since 2018 – successor to Vanquish) has installed the same unit. In general, the chassis of the Superleggera is a further development of the DB11. Nevertheless, Vettel prefers the classic variant.

He doesn’t have to wait long for his new Formula 1 car. The new racer is to be presented to the public on March 3rd at 4 p.m. German time. Now the name has also been determined: Sebastian Vettel’s first Aston Martin will be called AMR21.

The number one badge has been screwed to the chassis at the Silverstone plant since the end of January. The AMR21 has been in development since August 2020. Around 50 percent of the parts from the previous year were taken over due to the regulations. The underbody and the monocoque are new. A Formula 1 car consists of a total of 15,000 components.

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“While the initial specification of the AMR21 is now finalized,” Aston Martin F1 writes on its website, “the team is already working on upgrade packages to be released at the beginning of the 2021 season. To put it simply, the development never stops, which is why (we) started working on the car for 2022 in January, which will usher in the technical revolution of Formula 1. ”In 2022, completely new cars will be used to make overtaking easier.

In any case, Aston Martin F1 is full throttle. “I think that [die Ankunft von Aston Martin im Team] made everyone pay attention to detail, a desire to keep improving, ”says Production Director Bob Halliwell. “We’re hiring more technical staff so we can develop in all areas of the company, but in a controlled way. Having Aston Martin behind us enables us to move forward and get these things started. It’s a big change for us and it’s very exciting. “

Just like for Sebastian Vettel and his garage.


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