Formula 1: Vettel stays! And now?

Sebastian Vettel (34) continues to drive green! The German has also confirmed his contract with Aston Martin for 2022. After weeks of speculation, it is clear: The four-time champion will remain in Formula 1. SPORT1 explains what this means for everyone involved.

For Sebastian Vettel:

Recently justified doubts arose: Can the Heppenheimer reconcile his life as a Formula 1 racing driver with his conscience? Vettel is actively committed to environmental protection, equality and democracy. And he criticizes the pursuit of maximum profit. The German thus represents the opposite pole to Formula 1. It drives in Hungary, Turkey or Saudi Arabia in countries that are not so strict about popular rule or human rights, but which pour a lot of money into their coffers. She is still discussing the high costs of introducing sustainable fuel quickly. And it still lets jet jets chase across the grid as a status symbol and heat-up.

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All of this is no longer Vettel’s world. But he also knows: as an active racing driver, he can achieve more than as a racing retiree. As a revolutionary, he can use the Formula 1 platform to send his message around the world and keep putting his finger in the wound.

Sebastian Vettel

In addition: Vettel is too young to hang up the helmet. At 34 years old, he hasn’t had enough of racing – and above all: curiosity wins. With the rule changes for 2022, he sees an opportunity to move from the gray midfield back to the podium and to shape a still young team into a successful team. A delightful task that seems to be tailored to the new, grown-up Sebastian Vettel.

Alone: ​​Should he quickly discover in the next season that his team is not able to perform well and the new cars do not offer the driving fun he expects – then it cannot be ruled out that he will do something with Niki Lauda. The Formula 1 legend retired from the Canadian Grand Prix in 1979 in the middle of the season.

For Aston Martin:

It feels like the negotiations between Vettel and Aston Martin recently dragged on. Obviously, the main thing was to wait for September 15th. Traditionally, this is one of the dates on which options must be drawn. But Aston Martin was apparently not entirely sure of his cause: Rumors of an interest in Fernando Alonso, Valtteri Bottas and Daniel Ricciardo made the rounds – and mostly there is something to such speculations in the paddock.

But Vettel is and will remain the premium solution for Aston Martin. In terms of driving, he has left his internally highly acclaimed team-mate Lance Stroll behind by the middle of the season at the latest. Technically, the Heppenheimer is still considered one of the best in his field. His ability to sense a car and develop a team should be a decisive advantage, especially in a season with new cars and new rules.

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It fits: Aston Martin is full throttle for the future. The plans for a new factory that will move into in 2022/23 have just been unveiled. Team owner Lawrence Stroll is investing in infrastructure and personnel – and wants to make Aston Martin a candidate for the title. It can’t hurt a driver who knows how to win world championships.

For the fans:

Vettel still has a huge fan base behind him. Aston Martin also benefits from this: When the German was collecting rubbish in the stands at Silverstone, the number of clicks on the team’s homepage skyrocketed. Vettel fan articles are THE bestseller in the Aston Martin fan shop. The ex-champion enthuses with his desire to make the world a better place. And he inspires with his closeness to fans. But it also polarizes: The discussions about its performance are a popular controversial topic in the forums. Formula 1 would be poorer without Vettel.

For Formula 1:

For the reasons mentioned above, the contract extension is a real win for the premier class. She needs heroes – and Vettel is one of them. Albeit an uncomfortable one. The fact that he repeatedly mutinies against the Formula 1 marketers and holds up the mirror to them should not please the bosses around ex-Ferrari team boss Stefano Domenicali. In the end, however, they also know: One four-time world champion less in the field doesn’t help anyone – just their nerves.

For Mick Schumacher:

Sebastian Vettel and Mick Schumacher

At the latest after the Netflix documentary about Michael Schumacher it is clear: Sebastian Vettel is something like the substitute father of the record world champion son. “It is good to know that there is someone in the paddock who means well with you,” emphasized Mick Schumacher last. And everyone who has seen the pictures in which Vettel Schumi junior explains the H-circuit of his legendary father’s Jordan 191 knows: The Heppenheimer has accepted his new role. And that also includes: Passing on Mick Schumacher’s knowledge and experience that his father can no longer give him. That Schumacher will now benefit from it for another year can only help.

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