Formula 1: Vettel’s Ferrari slower – off to the Green Hell

Vettel idea: from the red to the green hell

Sebastian Vettel starts the Eifel GP from eleventh place – seven places behind his team-mate Charles Leclerc.

B.At Ferrari, the guesswork about the performance difference between Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc continues. While the German was eliminated in eleventh place in the second qualifying segment, the young man from Monegasque even made it to fourth place.
The time difference in Q2: five tenths of a second. “I lost the time in the first sector, but I don’t know why,” shrugs Vettel. “Maybe my tires weren’t really up to temperature yet. In any case, I didn’t have the feeling that there was so much more to it. ”

Vettel was half a second slower than Leclerc

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So why is Leclerc still driving so much faster? Apparently he is racing with less downforce than Vettel, so he has more top speed. An observation that McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl confirms. “The Ferrari performance surprised me this morning. But we’ve had it before, that Ferrari puts down good laps, especially with Leclerc, but drives little downforce and therefore struggles with the tires in the race. ”Like in Mugello, when Leclerc was quickly passed through to the rear.

In any case, Vettel looked disappointed, but also emphasized: “The biggest challenge tomorrow will be tire management.” In eleventh place, the Hessian is the first to be able to freely choose his tires at the start. “Maybe that’s an advantage,” he hopes. RTL expert Christian Danner doesn’t believe that, however. “You won’t get the medium tires warm at the start. Given the low temperatures, it will hardly be worth driving off with. “

Because things are not going as planned again, Vettel has another idea. From the red hell into the green … “It would be nice if we would turn left before the last bend and drive the Nordschleife – but I think that will remain a dream forever …”
Even though various drivers such as Carlos Sainz, Kimi Raikkonen, Daniel Ricciardo, Esteban Ocon or George Russell did fast laps on the Nordschleife in private vehicles this weekend; The 20.8 kilometer long up and down cableway is not suitable for the premier class. Formula 1 last drove there in 1976 when Niki Lauda’s serious fire accident happened.


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