Formula 1 wants six sprints in 2022

Formula 1 is gradually approaching a change in the weekend format this year. Instead of a classic qualifying, a sprint race determined the starting grid for the races in Silverstone and Monza. A third attempt will be started at the Brazilian GP in 2021. Then you want to adjust the knowledge gained for 2022.

But there are already some adjustments that the makers of the premier class want to turn in the sprint format. That revealed Formula 1 sports director Ross Brawn in a media round, which ABMS was also there.

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Point one: The sprint should be upgraded. Currently, only 3-2-1 points are awarded for the first three. “But we suggested that there should be around a third of the points as in a normal race,” says Brawn now. That would be eight to ten points for the winner. Objective: The pilots should be encouraged to fight harder for every single point.

Michael Schumacher’s former Benetton and Ferrari chief technology officer explains: “That’s enough to fight for it. And we want to encourage drivers in the back seats too. At the same time, it’s not a number that has an undue influence on the championship. The balance is right. ”

Formula 1 sports director Ross Brawn talks about the changes that the premier class is planning for the new sprint race in 2022.

Point two: The official pole position should be written into the statistics again for the driver who drove the fastest lap of the weekend in qualifying on Friday in the fight against the clock. So far, the sprint winner has got the pole. “That was clearly not well received,” admits Brawn. “That’s why it’s on the agenda.”

Point three: the name. Although it resembles a race, in the understanding of the Formula 1 bosses the sprint is not one. The event was therefore named Sprint Qualifying. But that didn’t go down well with the fans. Brawn admits, “If it walks like a duck and croaks like a duck, it is. We want to get the name of the event in order. “

One thing is certain: Formula 1 will adjust the sprints gradually and not radically. Brawn: “With the new technology rules 2022 we already have enough new components, we don’t want to overwhelm the fans with radical cuts in the sporting rules.”

The Briton himself could even imagine the concept of reverse grid racing. The reversed starting line-up (the fastest starts from behind; d. Ed.) Is known from the junior formulas, but has so far not met with much approval in Formula 1. Brawn admits, “I think that would be exciting, but I have to say it would be a step too far. However, there are a few things that are on the table for discussion. ”

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The number of sprints will become clearer in 2022. This is to be doubled from three to six. The ex-Mercedes team boss: “We have agreed with the teams that we will aim for six events in the coming year.” They should then take place at those GPs that pay the most for them. Because, as the sports director reveals with a grin: “All route promoters would like to have a sprint.”

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