Formula 1: Will Aston Martin even get Newey for Vettel?

Is Aston Martin even getting Newey for Vettel?

Vettel continues to follow in the Ferrari. At Aston Martin, that should change in 2021 – and why Vettel is again following in Schumi’s footsteps

D.he pink-green future was lashed down on Wednesday – but the red reality remains disappointing.
Sebastian Vettel (33) starts in the Tuscan GP, ​​Ferrari’s 1000th GP, only from 14th position, while his team-mate Charles Leclerc is fifth.
This is how the qualification for the Tuscany Grand Prix went: Click here

“That is a firmly cemented difference,” says RTL expert Christian Danner. “Leclerc is faster than Sebastian. It’s bitter and doesn’t do you good. “Vettel himself admits:” I have to fight this weekend. “The trend does not speak for Vettel.

Can that change in 2021? The fact is: For experts, switching to Aston Martin is already a win-win situation for both parties.
It will be the third stage in Sebastian Vettel’s career – and again the German remains in the footsteps of Michael Schumacher. Reason: Aston Martin emerged from the former Jordan team, where Schumacher drove his first Formula 1 race in 1991.

Company founder Eddie Jordan remembers his early days with Michael Schumacher at AUTO BILD Motorsport: “Michael was incredibly fast. And not only that: He complained during training that something was wrong with the clutch. But I was a bit short on cash and thought the old one was still holding up. But she didn’t. Michael was pissed off. I can imagine that Vettel would have reacted similarly. ”

The crazy cult Irishman said of Aston Martin: “Very few of the old Jordan team are there, only the factory is still in the same place in Silverstone.” But not much longer in the same form. Team owner Lawrence Stroll is currently investing around 100 million euros in a new plant. And supposedly 15 million a year in Vettel. “The knowledge that Sebastian brings with him is crucial for the team,” says Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff. “He will move everyone forward.”

Racing Point team boss Otmar Szafnauer adds: “With Aston Martin and a little financial support, a new factory and 20 percent more staff, we have an infrastructure with which we can attack. That is why a driver like Sebastian, who has experience from four world championships and 53 races, can only be an advantage for us. “

Also because he can lure one or the other technology heavyweight. The hottest rumor from Italy: Lawrence Stroll wants to reunite Vettel and Red Bull design genius Adrian Newey. Together they both won four World Championship titles at Red Bull. Newey has already designed the “Valkyrie” hypercar for Aston Martin. But at Red Bull you don’t worry. “Adrian is definitely under contract with us,” says Red Bulls motorsport advisor Helmut Marko to ABMS. “Adrian recently got the chance to test a rare Aston Martin and thanked Stroll for it. Not more.”

Whether Newey comes or not: Aston Martin can also give Sebastian Vettel a lot. First and foremost, the feel-good factor that he misses so painfully at Ferrari.

“I don’t think he has forgotten how to drive,” said Szafnauer. “We all need a little love sometimes – especially when you’re mentally pushing the limit all the time. It will be our job to put our arms around him and show him what this team is about. And I think he will blossom with us. “

Also because the Racing Point – the pink copy of last year’s Mercedes – should better suit his driving style. The Mercedes inherently has more downforce on the rear axle, will react more good-naturedly to Vettel’s late braking maneuvers and give the Heppenheimer more confidence. Exactly what the German needs in order to be able to do magic at the steering wheel in Newey’s cars like in the past.

In addition: Vettel will drive a Mercedes engine for the first time in his Formula 1 career in 2020, the most powerful unit in the field. Michael Schumacher could not benefit from its superiority at Mercedes until 2012. Maybe Vettel can at least overtake his idol in this respect.


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