Formula 1: will this be the new Vettel helmet?

Is this what Vettel’s new Aston Martin helmet looks like?

What does Aston Martin star Sebastian Vettel’s new Formula 1 helmet look like? AUTO BILD Motorsport is showing a first draft

D.he excitement among Formula 1 fans is increasing. With Sebastian Vettels (33) switching to Aston Martin, not only the car and team change for the Heppenheimer, but also the color scheme: red is a thing of the past, green is the color of hope for a successful future.
Ferrari team boss laments advantage for Aston Martin: Click here

In line with this, a green Vettel logo of the @sebvettelnews channel is now circulating on social networks. Background: Aston Martin will compete in “British Racing Green”, the traditional color of the sports car cult brand.

Does Vettel already have a helmet plan?

Is that what Aston Martin star Sebastian Vettel’s new Formula 1 helmet looks like?

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The question remains: How do Vettel and his designer Jens Munser react to the German’s helmet?
As a reminder: Vettel is the first driver who has made the constant change of helmet design his trademark. At Red Bull, the Hessian took his helmet-changing game to extremes, mothballed his head protection after each of the many victories and always had the Lower Saxony Jens Munser have a new paint job done.

With the switch to Ferrari and the FIA ​​rule, according to which every driver can only change their basic design once a year, things became less complicated in the Vettel camp. “We have always liked white as the basic color,” says Munser at AUTO BILD Motorsport. “In addition the German flag, the Ferrari logo and the start number 5. That just looked classy.”

In 2019, the urge to experiment came back in Hessen. The best example: the rainbow helmet in Turkey, which was supposed to carry the positive message of a diverse society into the motorsport world – and which was auctioned for more than 200,000 euros.

This is what Vettel’s helmet could look like

Is this what Vettel's new Aston Martin helmet looks like?

“ICM Designs” has published a possible variant of the new Vettel helmet on Facebook

© ICMDesigns

And now? Will Vettel’s Aston Martin headguard be as green as his car? “ICM Designs” has published a possible variant of the new Vettel helmet on Facebook. The basic color remains white there. Original: the start number 005, based on James Bonds 007.

Munser to ABMS: “I’ve already seen a few designs on social media, but Sebastian’s paint scheme for 2021 has not yet been determined.” Just this much: “Formula 1 is not a stealth championship.” In other words: the helmet is the same color as the car giving so that it goes completely under is rather uncommon.


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