Formula 1 World Cup policy: Red Bull calls for clarification

It’s THE scene of the race: Max Verstappen slows down before the last corner to let Lewis Hamilton pass after a short-cut maneuver. But the Briton doesn’t drive past, instead he rushes into the rear of the Dutchman. Then he complains on the radio that the Red Bull driver was “fucking crazy” and wanted to slow him down. The incident will be investigated after the race.
But Red Bull does not want to leave the statements as they are. “We can defuse this so-called brake test, which Hamilton was upset about,” says Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko at Sky. “No change in brake pressure can be seen on our data. Hamilton just miscalculated. Then we get a 5-second penalty and Max’s tires were damaged. They had two deep cuts after the collision. We had to be happy to cross the finish line. “

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The Graz native does not want to be fobbed off with second place. “We are now collecting our data. Then our team manager will go to the stewards and ask for an explanation. ”

Explosive: After the race, the Briton himself explains why he didn’t just drive past Verstappen, even though there was enough space on the left. Hamilton: “First of all, I didn’t know that I should pass. He also wanted to let me pass in front of the DRS zone and then counter on the straight. ”The seven-time world champion does not want to allow that. The result: its front wing ends in the rear of the Red Bull.

Verstappen loses victory at the Saudi Arabia GP after a strange rear-end collision with Lewis Hamilton.

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff, who reacts very emotionally in the garage during the race and fires his headset on the ground, also rowed back after the GP: “We’ll look at the telemetry of how we lost the front wing. In any case, we didn’t know anything. He brakes and then he brakes even more. Maybe it was just a big misunderstanding. “

Wolff is surprisingly tame: “We want it to end fairly. May the better one be in front. Whatever the outcome, I am at peace as long as it ends cleanly. “

Alone: ​​Max Verstappen is in the pillory. Not only because of the rear-end collision, but also because of his maneuvers in turn one, where he overtook two times off the track. England’s Formula 1 expert Martin Brundle criticized Sky: “Max should rethink his driving standards, that was a bit too much today. All in all, it was a dirty race. “

Verstappen counters: “I don’t care what the others say. I disagree with the stewards. As a Formula 1 spectator in front of the television, I didn’t grow up with such decisions. But the trend is that we are allowed to fight less and less. We are now talking more about white lines than about racing. “

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One thing is certain: Even the usually so cool Verstappen shows emotions in the hot World Cup final spurt. He skipped the obligatory photo on the podium. His excuse: “There was no champagne there, that wasn’t fun.” For fun, one race before the end of the 2021 Formula 1 season will definitely be serious.

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