Formula 2: setback for Mick Schumacher

Setback for Mick Schumacher

Mick Schumacher is only ninth in the Formula 2 race at Silverstone. Does Mazepin senior buy the Haas racing team for his son?

WSuch a disappointment for Mick Schumacher (21) at the first race in Silverstone! After the best qualifying of his F2 career so far (3rd) and a great start, in which he took the lead, the son of German record world champion Michael Schumacher looked like the winner for three laps.

But then the drama caused by his Prema team started. The Russian Nikita Mazepin (21) overtook Schumacher, who could not offer much resistance. In the 9th round they both came into the pits. But while the Russian then had no problems keeping his harder tire mixture chosen in the second stint at the performance level, the same tires broke down more and more with the German. In the end, he was barely able to save himself in ninth place. Particularly bitter: Eighth place would have been enough for pole position in the race tomorrow. Reason: In the shortened Sunday race, the first eight start from the main race on Saturday in reverse order.

Mick Schumacher is only ninth in the Formula 2 race at Silverstone

Schumacher had already guessed before the race: “The race will be a tire lottery,” he predicted, “the problem is to keep the mixture alive.” What he had no idea: that he and his Prema team pulled a rivet. An F2 insider about AUTO BILD MOTORSPORT: “It is extremely difficult to use the 18-inch Pirelli tires. The smallest differences in tire pressure can make the difference between Hero and Zero. The Prema team does not seem to be able to cope with it yet. Yes at the last race in Hungary you could see that at Mick Schumacher the tires gave up their spirits towards the end of the race. Since it was different with teammate Robert Shwartzman (20), it could be up to race engineer Schumacher. ”

Alone: ​​It can only be a small consolation for the German that championship leader Shwartzman in Silverstone stayed well behind Schumacher in qualifying as well as in the race. What Schumacher has to do: In the overall ranking, the German who drives the second year in “the springboard class to Formula 1” is only seventh with 41 points. Russian F2 newcomer and Schumi team-mate Shwartzman still tops the rankings after seven races with 81 points.
In a comparison of the four Ferrari juniors who may be fighting for a place in the Ferrari partner team of Alfa Romeo in 2021, Schumacher is also only third. In addition to Shwartzman, Briton Callum Ilott, who finished second in the championship (73 points), is well ahead of the young German hope. Only the New Zealand F2 rookie Marcus Armstrong (20) is behind Schumacher with 34 points in the internal Ferrari ranking.
One thing is certain: In the next races, Schumacher and his team will have to think about how to get their tire problem under control. Because it’s a lot for the German. Ferrari will hardly be able to afford to bypass teammate Shwartzman or the better-placed Ilott when it comes to filling a Formula 1 cockpit for 2021.

For winner Mazepin, on the other hand, Formula 1 doors are opening more and more. His father Dmitry, a billion dollar Russian chemical tycoon, is said to have promised his son he would buy him into Formula 1 if he got the super license. For the Formula 1 driving license, 40 super license points from the past three years are required. So far, Mazepin junior was far from it. But with his second win in a row he is on the right track in his father’s Hitech team. The fourth place in the championship at the moment only needs one place. Reason: The first three of the overall ranking get the required 40 points.

AUTO BILD MOTORSPORT learned: Behind the scenes, father Mazepin is already having sales talks with the F1 team of the American Gene Haas. Haas should be ready for sale. The team is currently valued at 75 million euros.


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