Formula 3: Schumi IV draws Formula 3 balance

One victory, eleventh overall, but no points (14th and 15th) at the final in Sochi (Russia). David Schumacher (19) can be satisfied with his season in Formula 3. Various top ten placements show the trend; and it goes up.
Especially his first victory in Formula 3 gave Schumi IV a boost. “That took a lot of pressure off my shoulders,” David summarizes the season. “Now everything is easier, I have more fun racing and can act more freely. It has been working very well since Austria. “

And also had an impact on the team structure at Trident. Schumacher at Motorsport Network: “There was a jolt through the whole team. My engineers and mechanics now know: ‘He can do it!’ So they try harder. “
But the season is over. Red Bull Junior Dennis Hauger became Formula 3 champion.

David Schumacher

So what’s next for David Schumacher? “I’ll worry about that in winter,” he says. Nothing has been decided yet.
One thing is certain: His goal remains Formula 1, where he would then compete against his cousin Mick. David: “I would be happy. But I’m someone who lives in the here and now and doesn’t think too far into the future. “

However, he has ticked off the past. There was no flowerpot to win in the backbench team Charouz in 2020. “Everything I learned from Charouz was for the bin,” admits David: “It was difficult because I knew that I was sitting in a car that didn’t have the potential to be at the front. But of course nobody sees it from the outside. “

Especially since the junior classes are driven out in standard cars. Schumacher continues: “People think that everyone should drive the same car and the same engine and thus have the same opportunities. But that’s not how it is. In terms of the set-up, each team can do what it wants. This year I realized that Charouz was completely wrong with the set-ups last year. When I told my current engineers this, their reaction was just: ‘How could you even drive such a car?’ It was a difficult season. Mentally too. “
From now on, you only have to look ahead. Formula 2 or DTM are all options for taking the next step in your career. This is also possible as a lone fighter. In contrast to his cousin Mick (Ferrari), David Schumacher has not yet been part of any program to promote young talent at the Formula 1 factories.

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