Formula E: Comment on Abbot’s expulsion: Audi reaction exaggerated

“Audi’s reaction is exaggerated”

Daniel Abt is rid of his cockpit after a cheat campaign. Was this reaction from Audi exaggerated or justified? A comment.

So There have rarely been many throws in motorsport – even though there is no driving. The virtual races are actually only intended as a replacement program for fans and sponsors. But for the second time, they have a real impact. Kyle Larson only lost his Ganassi cockpit in NASCAR because he used the word “nigger” in a live stream in a virtual race. Now Daniel Abt is rid of his Formula E cockpit because he let someone else start for him. Twice became serious for fun.
In numerous conversations with Daniel Abt I got to know him as a racing driver, who does not keep his opinion behind. From the beginning it was clear to Abt: This ABB FIA Formula E Race at Home Challenge would have had to be set up very differently – much more geared towards entertainment. And yes, he probably didn’t really feel like it.


Daniel Abt no longer drives for Audi in Formula E

That he now justifies his offense by saying that everything was just a joke is credible on the one hand, but not on the other. Yes, this is not about prize money or reputation. If Abbot is first, he has none of it. If he is last, he also has nothing to fear. So it’s absolutely credible that he didn’t want to cheat to do better.

But the fact is also that he has a contract with Audi – and he didn’t fulfill it that Saturday evening. Joke or no joke – Abt would have informed Audi in advance, if not asked for permission.

Yes, Daniel Abt is right when he says that everything has nothing to do with real racing. But interviews gave it, made PR appointments or didn’t sign autographs. But that’s part of it. And it also means that you take part in such a compulsory event, which is also carried out for UNICEF and therefore for a good cause.

That’s why Abbot now admits: “Yes, I made a mistake.”

Nevertheless, I consider Audi’s reaction to be exaggerated. Yes, the auto industry itself had to face serious cheating accusations recently – a tough policy of honesty and fairness is appropriate. Even with Audi’s past in motorsport. At this point I just remember the “push it out” affair in the DTM.

It was clear that Daniel Abt would have to face the consequences. But the immediate expulsion? That is exaggerated. It was obvious that the Kemptener would not get a new contract beyond the season. After leaving the DTM, Audi needs other stars – for example for René Rast. However, it would have been entirely sufficient to openly take Abbot’s offense as an opportunity not to extend the contract.
But to terminate him immediately is exaggerated. Daniel Abt did not deserve that after six years with the team and the first victory of a German in Formula E.


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