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The Battle Royale title “Fortnite” offers a new game mode in which building is prohibited.

With the start of the new season on March 21, 2022, “Fortnite” temporarily removed one of the most important features from the game: building. Now the deleted function should become a permanent part of the game.

Emphasis on fast-paced shooter gameplay

Developer Epic Games announces the launch of a new game mode this week. The so-called zero-build mode prevents the building of structures and puts the focus of the game on the fights. This way, players no longer have to collect resources for defensive structures and can concentrate on the pure shooter gameplay. To compensate, Epic has given “Fortnite” a new shield and more mobility options with the last update. These innovations should speed up the gameplay.

Zero build available in different modes

The new Zero Build mode is available for Solo, Duo, Trio and Squad. It’s one of many new game modes that have made their way into Fortnite over the past few years, including non-violent Party Royale, Creative, and Impostors. According to the speculation, the classic construction mode will soon be integrated back into the standard Battle Royale mode. However, Epic has not yet revealed a specific date.

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