Fortnite war not over yet: Apple sues Epic for breach of contract

The “Battle Royale” between Apple and “Fortnite” creator Epic Games is beginning to take on epic proportions. This time, Apple is going to court against the game developer.

To refresh your memory, about a month ago, Epic Games released an update to its popular game ‘Fortnite’ where purchases in the apps on both Apple’s iOS and Android operating systems from Google were made through a platform of the company itself and not via Apple or Google. That meant that the latter two do not receive a commission on the in-app purchases.

The two did not like that and removed the game from their platform. Apple even took it a step further and removed Epic Games’ full developer license, which is problematic for a number of other developers using the same platform.

600 million dollars

Epic then went to court against Apple. It ruled that Apple was free to ban “Fortnite”, but that Epic’s account should remain. And now Apple is counterattacking.

The California company says Epic was in breach of contract. It also requests a refund of any money Epic made from the App Store. That would be about 600 million dollars (509 million euros). “Epic suddenly behaves like a modern Robin Hood, but really it’s just a billion dollar company that doesn’t want to pay for everything they get from the App Store,” Apple says in no uncertain terms.

Finally, Apple wants it to be legally prohibited for developers to introduce their own payment systems.

“Violation of the free market”

Epic has not yet responded to the new lawsuit, but has previously announced that “Apple is violating the free market” and has asked for a ban to ban “Fortnite” from the App Store. It also hasn’t gotten its developer account back yet.

The matter has clearly not come to an end. The first session is scheduled for the end of September.


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