Four thieves try to house Dr. Dre while in hospital

The whole world now knows that Dr. Dre is in the hospital. A lot of people send the rapper and producer good luck wishes, but others have received less good ideas. For example, one day after Dr. Dre arrested four people. They tried to enter his house.

55-year-old rapper, producer and businessman Dr. Dre announced yesterday that he was hospitalized. He said on Instagram that he felt good and should not stay in the hospital too long. Dr. Dre received get well soon wishes from all over the world. But not everyone was concerned with the rapper’s health.

Four burglars arrested

Four people thought it was more important to think about themselves. They tried to break into Dr. Dre (whose real name is André Young). The Los Angeles police became aware of this because the four burglars had set off the infrared alarm in the house. After a short chase, the four thieves were arrested.

“Several individuals were walking over a hill trying to enter a house,” a Los Angeles police spokesman told Billboard. “They were approached by six security men and fled. The officers had to chase the car briefly before they could stop it. ”

Brain aneurysms

In his Instagram post, Dr. Dre very vague about why he was hospitalized. In other words, he said nothing. But sensational website TMZ released the news shortly after that message that the rapper had a brain aneurysm.

It’s a dilation in the wall of an artery of the brain. Due to this widening, that wall stretches and becomes weaker. The weaker that wall, the greater the chance that such a blood vessel will rupture. And when such a blood vessel ruptures, a brain hemorrhage occurs.


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