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Four tips for a merry and sustainable Christmas

Only 34 more days, and then it will be Christmas. With everything that goes on around us, that is a bright spot that many people look forward to. Have you always wanted to celebrate Christmas in a sustainable way but you don’t know where to start? Subway gives tips.

GZ psychologist and educator Emmeliek Boost said this week de Volkskrant that it is important that there is no disappointment about the fact that Christmas will look different this year. According to Boost, the corona crisis offers us the opportunity to approach it differently and to think about what is really important. Like family, and maybe the environment too?

Sustainable dinner

Don’t turn your hand around and try something different. Enjoy a delicious sustainable meal together with a handful of guests. Tip: When choosing the ingredients, pay attention to organic and / or local and seasonal products. There are many ways to enjoy a tasty Christmas dinner responsibly.

Roasted vegetables for Christmas dinner. Photo: Getty Images.

Tiny Trees

Would you like to bring a Christmas tree into your home, but would you rather not be in the busy row of the garden center? Then choose the Tiny Tree. The Tiny Tree is a Christmas tree on fabric, which you can hang on the wall. The concept was conceived and designed by Suseela Gorter from Arnhem. The cloths come in different variants including Christmas lights.

This sustainable pine from your own country fits “na (l) dloos” into your interior. “I think it’s a shame to cut down a tree for a few weeks of Christmas fun. I prefer a Christmas tree that you can roll up and keep until next year, ”says Gorter. “Perfect for all homeworkers in the Netherlands who need their attic-office want to cheer up. ”

Four tips for a merry and sustainable Christmas
The Tiny Trees are a sustainable alternative to Christmas trees. Photo: Tiny Trees.
Four tips for a merry and sustainable Christmas
The Tiny Trees come in different variants. Photo: Tiny Trees.

Christmas cards from the bottom

In addition to the Tiny Trees, the designer has also created a series of sustainable Christmas cards. By deepening into sustainable production processes, these cheerful cards contain non-toxic ink. The paper is made from leaves and stems from agricultural waste. This product really has a “tiny” footprint on the environment.

Gift from the heart

Presents under the tree cannot be missed. By making something yourself you give a creative twist to this Christmas season. Now all the extra free time that we have by sitting at home can be used. Make a nice photo album or knit a warm scarf. By making something yourself, it becomes more personal and, last but not least, much more sustainable.

Four tips for a merry and sustainable Christmas
This way you pack a gift in a sustainable way. Photo: Getty Images.

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