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Fox has some sad news for Prison Break fans

The past 24 hours has been an emotional rollercoaster ride from fans of Prison Break. The series has been officially canceled after five seasons.

The series ended once after four seasons and a movie in 2009.

Prison Break: comeback

It was a good thing then: the showrunners never managed to come close to the level of the original season. Escape from prison is a recipe that you cannot repeat endlessly. As a result, every new season scored worse and worse.

Anyway, nostalgia is a lucrative feat for television channels. Fox therefore decided in 2017 to make a fifth season of the hit series. Includes Wentworth Miller, who plays lead character Michael Scofield. Scofield lets himself be picked up on purpose to release his innocent brother (Dominic Purcell) from prison.

Wentworth Miller is done with it

That comeback apparently liked it, because shortly afterwards Fox announced a sixth season in 2018. But then it remained silent. Too quiet. Until the past 24 hours, when all hell broke loose Prison Breakfans still hoping for new episodes.

First, Wentworth Miller posted the news on Instagram that he will not be returning to Prison Break. In an extensive speech, the gay actor explains that he has finished playing straight people.


Prison Break without Michael Scofield is no more Prison Break, but Dominic Purcell then added another step in solidarity. He also said on social media (in an Instagram post that has since been deleted) that he fully understands Miller’s choice, and that he himself will not return to the Fox series. And that while he confirmed in September that a sixth season would come.

“I’ve talked about it with Wentworth for a long time. His reasons for quitting are legitimate. I’m not going to try to persuade him and forsake his truth. So we will leave it at that and there will be no sixth season. If “he does get there, then without us.”

Fox ends it

Well, then the message seems clear, and Fox just completed the story on Twitter: Prison Break stop it permanently. The sixth season announced in 2018 has been definitively canceled.

A bitter pill for fans, but everything better than the alternative: recasting and pulling a dead horse. Oh well, sooner or later there will probably be an inevitable reboot just around the corner. Until then, you can Prison Break stream on Netflix.

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Fox has some sad news for Prison Break fans


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