FP boss Hofer wants to question the population: “Should there be another lockdown?”

FPÖ boss Norbert Hofer wants to ask the population about further corona measures. The question of principle should be answered as to whether there should be another lockdown or a life under “evidence-based rules” should be made possible, as he explained on Sunday in the ORF press hour. Because only in this way could the “people be taken along”.

In order to expand the capacities in the health system, Hofer asked for the army hospitals to be reactivated. Instead of providing more beds, one has been staring “like a rabbit” at the red line of hospital beds for a year. It does not occur to anyone to expand this line. He often lacks “proportionality” with the corona measures. Because, for example, children in schools have to wear masks in spite of negative tests, but teachers don’t, according to Hofer: “Why doesn’t what applies to teachers also apply to children?”

Prohibition of donations to politics

With regard to party donations, he spoke out in favor of “prohibiting donations to politics as a whole,” said Hofer: “That would take a lot of our worries away.” After all, there is a good party financing system in this country, it is “not necessary” for companies to donate to parties or party-affiliated organizations.

Under the latter he would subsume all associations that are “politically active”, such as apron organizations or associations. He does not include the FPÖ-affiliated Institute for Security Policy (ISP), which received 200,000 euros from Novomatic. Because this was a sponsorship contract, in which there had to be something in return. In the case of such cooperation, it must be “clearly” set out which services are offered. In any case, donations to parties should no longer be possible, emphasized Hofer: “It would be wise to forbid that.”

He thinks that club chairman Herbert Kickl does not hide his ambitions for the party chairmanship “very, very good”. A good party chairman must “allow strong personalities to be around”. He is also happy when top positions in the FPÖ are in demand again.

In the upcoming state elections in Upper Austria in autumn, he hopes for a result “well over 20 percent”. At the last poll in 2015, the Freedom Party still received 30.4 percent of the votes. In contrast to the “policy of turquoise” in the federal government, which he considers to be “harmful”, the coalition with the ÖVP works well in the state.

Hofer once again left it open whether he would run again for the upcoming federal presidential election: “The future will tell.”


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