FPÖ starts “unveiling platform” and attacks Federal President

What was finally published was a not entirely new attack on Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen. This is anything but a non-partisan head of state, but he campaigns politically and looks away from where he should actually look, said Hafenecker.

On the platform, the FPÖ published photos of Alexander Van der Bellen’s calendar to support this, on the basis of which the FPÖ wants to prove the president’s involvement in the Ibiza case. A meeting on the subject of “Rumors Spiegel / Süddeutsche zu Strache / Gudenus” has been entered in the calendar about the day before the Ibiza video is published.

None of this is entirely new. At the beginning of February the “Ibiza lawyer” had Julian H. in one default-Interview explains that he had informed the Federal Presidency Chancellery in advance, so Van der Bellen and a close colleague were informed in advance. H. has also sent a letter to the presidential office. The FPÖ is outraged that this letter was only sent to the investigators “two years later”.

The name of the platform “Tu es für mich” is an allusion to the SMS that Finance Minister Gernot Blümel (ÖVP) had written to Thomas Schmid, the head of the cabinet at the time. According to the FPÖ, this is an example of the “deep state” in Austria.


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