France also announces a new lockdown from Friday

French President Emmanuel Macron imposed – like Germany – a new lockdown from Friday: In an eagerly awaited speech, he spoke 36,437 new infections – a record. The virus is spreading faster than predicted, he said. New, drastic measures are therefore required.

From Friday, the nationwide curfew will apply, as in the spring: Among other things, bars and restaurants should remain closed, all facilities and shops open to the public will be closed. The state will help out financially. “The virus is spreading at a rate that even the most pessimistic predictions would not have predicted,” says Macron. France is in the same situation as the neighboring countries: “Overrun by a second wave that we know will be harder, more deadly than the first.”

School continues

Schools, however, remain open. In general, people should work from home, universities should switch to online operations. Some time ago, a night curfew was imposed in almost all of France.

The new measures last as long as in Germany, until the end of November: “We hope to be able to reopen some shops in the important time before the Christmas holidays.”

Open borders

With a few exceptions, the external borders will be closed. Inner-European travel should remain possible, the borders remain open, so Macron. However, you need a negative corona test to enter. “People should always wear a mask as soon as they meet others – even if they are small children.”


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