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France wants to catch up with its vaccination delay

The French government promises a rapid ramp-up of its vaccination campaign, the beginnings of which were chaotic to say the least.

The French government promises a rapid ramp-up of its vaccination campaign, the beginnings of which were chaotic to say the least.

(pj with AFP) – Already singled out for the poor organization of the distribution of masks at the start of the covid crisis, then of muddle in the establishment of the screening campaign, here is the French government under fire from critics at because of a very slow start to the vaccination campaign. And that is saying something … While Germany has already made the first injection of the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine to 265,000 inhabitants for example, France has only vaccinated 2,000 people … Almost as many as the Grand Duchy!

Hence a fit of anger from the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron on Sunday, various political representatives (starting with the president of the Grand Est Region), followed this Tuesday morning by a reaction from the Minister of Health: “From here tomorrow evening and Wednesday (…) there will be a hundred hospitals which will offer vaccination to their caregivers as well as to city carers ”, assured Olivier Véran.

And to promise that the cruising speed of anti-covid vaccination in France would “join that of our neighbors in the coming days”. “In the coming days”, French people who wish to be vaccinated will also be able to register to make an appointment, said the Minister of Health. This registration will be done “on the internet, by phone no doubt, and why not by the TousAntiCovid application”.

In addition, before the end of January, France will mobilize mobile teams for the vaccination of seniors aged 75 and over “who are not in an establishment, who are in town, at home”, detailed Olivier Véran, saying he wanted ” amplify, accelerate, simplify »vaccination. Or 5 million people.

At a time when Belgium is embarking on its national vaccination campaign, France has decided to extend priority access to the vaccine to firefighters and home helpers over 50 years old while the serum is, for the hour, reserved for residents of nursing homes and caregivers of at least 50 years.

Regarding vaccine deliveries, the minister assured that France would benefit from 500,000 doses per week from the Belgian factory of the Pfizer laboratory. “We will soon have, if it is validated Wednesday by the EMA (European Medicines Agency) 500,000 doses of Moderna per month”.

Still according to the French minister, 100 vaccination centers for the city “in addition to hospitals” will be set up this week, 300 next week and 5 to 600 by the end of January. An organization for which Luxembourg has already defined the rules for weeks, with the announced opening of five centers across the country.


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