Fraud attempt on Sparkasse customers: New scam

Fraudsters have come up with a new pretext to get the login data of Sparkasse customers.

Cyber ​​gangsters are trying to use a new trick to get access data from Sparkasse customers. The Schleswig-Holstein consumer advice center warns of this.

To do this, the scammers send an email informing the recipient that an unread message is said to be waiting for them in their online banking mailbox. The subject line of the email is “Important information about your account”.

In order to increase the pressure on the recipient, a short-term date is given in the e-mail by which the message should be read. As is always the case with such phishing emails, there is a large button below the email text that the recipient should click on. In this case, the button is colored to match the “Sparkassen-Red”. But the link behind the red button leads (as always in such cases) to a phishing site where unsuspecting Sparkasse customers are supposed to enter their login data for online banking. So that they fall into the hands of scammers.

How to react correctly

This phishing email only deserves adequate treatment: delete the email without clicking on anything in it.

Savings bank customers in the focus of cyber gangsters

Savings bank customers are among the preferred targets of phishing emails. The attacks are always very similar in terms of the sequence, only the pretext under which the e-mails are sent varies. So that you can get an overview of the different camouflage with which the cyber gangsters try to justify their phishing emails, we have compiled the most recent phishing attacks on savings bank customers here:

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