Fraudsters pretend to be consumer advocates: How to spot the scam

With a new lousy scam, scammers are trying to lure people into the trap. That’s how you see through the gangsters.

The Bavarian consumer center warns of a new scam. Accordingly, fraudsters call unsuspecting people and pretend to be employees of the consumer center. Consumer advocates have learned this from corresponding complaints, which they are currently receiving more and more.

Those affected report that they are being called on behalf of the consumer advice center. The supposed consumer advocates then try to sell paid services over the phone, for example to protect against unwanted calls, as the real consumer advocates explain. “The fraudsters want to take advantage of the consumer center’s good name in order to get money or sensitive consumer data,” warns Tatjana Halm, a lawyer at the Bavarian consumer center. And further: “Unfortunately, this scam keeps appearing.”

That’s how easy it is to spot the scam

The consumer center expressly emphasizes that consumer advocates never call people unsolicited. So if your phone rings even though you have not previously had contact with a consumer advice center and, for example, have not requested an appointment for a consultation, then you should not get involved in a conversation and instead hang up immediately. “Our advice takes place exclusively at the request of those seeking advice,” says Halm. “The consumer advice centers never come into contact with consumers themselves.”

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