Fraudulent collection letters – how to recognize the danger

Consumer advocates warn against fraudulent collection letters. The recipients should pay 199.28 euros. How to spot the scam.

The consumer center Rhineland-Palatinate warns against fraudulent debt collection letters. The fraudsters are currently sending out numerous letters of demand, which are said to have come from an alleged “Receivables Management & Lawyers Milan Delic” based in Coburg, Bavaria. The recipients should transfer 199.28 euros immediately to an account specified with a Romanian IBAN, as can be seen from the letter.

Massive threats

If payment is not made, the authors of the fraudulent letter threaten to have a bailiff carry out the foreclosure and garnishment of future earnings. In addition, a Schufa report would be made if no payment was made. In addition, there would allegedly be additional significant costs.

Schufa denies connection

The consumer advocates emphasize the conspicuous presentation of the letter. Capital letters indicate that the sender is an “Official Partner of SCHUFA”. When asked, Schufa explained to consumer protection groups that the sender was falsely and misleadingly posing as a “Schufa partner”. These letters are therefore simply fraudulent. Schufa is already taking legal action against the fraudsters.

The police and the consumer advice center warn: You should under no circumstances pay the unjustified claim!

Collection claims can be checked free of charge with the consumer advice center’s collection check at

Fraudulent collection letters: How to defend yourself

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