Free Apple TV + subscription is renewed again

The free Apple TV + subscription is being extended for the second time

In 2019/2020, Apple gave buyers of selected products a one-year, free subscription to its Apple TV + streaming service. Now the free subscription is being extended for the second time.

Anyone who bought a new iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV or Mac from September 2019 onwards received Apple TV + free of charge for one year. Most subscriptions should have expired in September / October 2020. Apple quickly extended their term until February 2021 at the latest. Now there are reports that Apple has extended access to its streaming service again by 6 months, until July 2021 at the most. As stated in the message from, several users have already been made informed of the extension via email. As with the last extension, however, it will probably take several days for all relevant users to receive information.

Monthly Apple TV + subscription is also offset

In addition, owners of the regular, monthly Apple TV + subscription will receive a monthly credit of $ 4.99 each for the period from February to June 2021 in order to reduce the pending costs to zero. A corresponding adjustment is also available within the Apple One Bundle. As the reason for the late Christmas present, Apple states that more time is needed to be able to implement the offer on Apple TV + with new film and series productions (many of which are in the second season). Because of the corona pandemic, the original productions of Apple TV + have also stalled.

Does Apple artificially keep subscriber numbers up?

On the other hand, this is of course a simple, if not cheap, means of artificially keeping the number of active Apple TV + up. We dare to doubt that after the expiry of the free Apple TV + subscription, many will continue to use it for a price of 5 euros, even if the audiovisual quality of the productions (at least on the Apple TV 4K) is still unparalleled.


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