Free drinking water on the go: online map shows filling stations

A map tells you where you can get free drinking water if you are out and about. A useful service in the heat.

Almost all of Germany is sweating: In view of the heat, it is important to drink water regularly. This does not always have to be at the expense of the environment with plastic water bottles. On the Refill Germany map you can find out where you can fill up a water bottle you have brought with you with fresh tap water free of charge.

If you are on the go, you should save the Refill Station Germany website to the browser favorites on your smartphone. There are currently over 6,140 so-called refill stations listed nationwide, including fountains and water columns from which drinking water can be taken.

The drinking water initiative is a voluntary project that has existed in Germany since March 2017 and originally comes from Great Britain, where Refill Bristol started in 2015. Any business can participate in the project and indicate their participation in the project with a sticker on the front door. The aim of the project is to actively help protect the environment and avoid waste. “Avoiding plastic waste, protecting our environment, drinking good water and inspiring people to live plastic-free lives,” is the project’s credo.

A closer look at the map of Germany shows that the refill offer is mainly in larger cities. Anyone who wants to actively participate in the project will find all the information they need on this page. Anyone who owns a shop with a water tap and opening hours can participate. A separate test of the water does not take place. “But tap water in Germany is of excellent quality and is constantly checked by the water companies,” says the FAQ from Refill Germany.

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