Free electric car charging: utility EnBW is celebrating 500 fast locations with a free day

The German energy group EnBW is celebrating its 500th location for fast electric car charging on February 16 (tomorrow, Tuesday) and is offering free electricity on all of its own DC columns on this occasion. All customers of their own EnBW tariff including partner tariffs such as those from ADAC and Hyundai can charge direct current free of charge from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. that day. As EnBW announced, all charging processes that were started during this time will then be billed free of charge. Although the charging price is displayed in the EnBW mobility + app, it does not have to be paid. An extra registration for the promotion is not necessary.

Only for electric car charging with direct current

If you want to use the free offer, you can charge on all of the company’s own fast chargers, i.e. from 50 kW, using the EnBW charging card or the EnBW app. It applies to the connector types CHAdeMO and CCS. But be careful: slower charging with alternating current will be billed regularly at the same time. This also applies if the selected EnBW column offers both DC and AC charging. The usual blocking fee for DC charging is also regularly charged, which is charged after a charging time of over 240 minutes and is 10 cents per minute. Free charging is not possible at partner charging stations.

EnBW is promoting the establishment of the largest German network for fast electric car charging. For this purpose, the company from Baden-Württemberg relies on partners such as Shell, Hagebau, Tank & Rast or Euronics, whose locations are used for the construction. With Hagebau, for example, it is planned to set up up to 100 EnBW charging stations in DIY store parking lots.

The main focus of the EnBW charging network is currently in Baden-Württemberg, where the company itself is based. However, a map of the planned locations also shows an increasing number of its electric car stations outside of the state. In contrast to Tesla’s supercharger network, EnBW often relies on smaller locations with one or two charging points. Recently, however, more and more larger locations have been established.

Tesla Model 3 currently with CCS problem

The regular EnBW prices in Germany are 29 cents per KWh of AC charging and 39 cents per kWh of DC charging in various tariffs. There is also a monthly basic fee of 0 to 4.99 euros. For example, partner tariffs are offered by ADAC without a basic fee. With its own 500 Schnell locations to date, EnBW describes itself as the largest provider of this type in Germany and has planned 1000 stations by the end of this year. Partner pillars can also be used via the app and card, according to EnBW, a total of more than 100,000 in six European countries.

EnBW answers questions about its free day on an information page on the web. An interesting side aspect of the campaign is that drivers of the Tesla Model 3, one of the most popular electric cars in Germany, will probably not benefit from it. This weekend, reports increased that, since a software update, charging on third-party CCS columns with the smallest Tesla no longer works.


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