Free from Epic Games: Lawn Mowing Simulator

With the “Lawn Mowing Simulator” you can find an unusual free game in the Epic Games Store from today.

Regular free games are intended to open up new customer groups for the operators of the Epic Games Store. Today from 5:00 p.m. a very unusual free game is available for download with the “Lawn Mowing Simulator”. Specifically, it is a lawnmower simulator that was released in August last year. The game is currently available on Steam for EUR 14.99 – the free games in the Epic Games Store allow players to save this amount.

Even get on the lawnmower

The “Lawn Mowing Simulator” sends the player to the British countryside. Authentic mowers from manufacturers such as Toro, SCAG or STIGA can be manned there. The aim of the game is to set up your own lawn care company. In order to get the job done to the satisfaction of the customers, the blades have to be adjusted in height and the engine load should also be kept in mind. In addition to a career mode, the “Free Mowing” mode is also available. The total of 12 integrated mowers and the locations ranging from castle complexes to cottage gardens to equestrian courses should keep interested players entertained for a long time. On Steam, the reviews for the “Lawn Mowing Simulator” are mostly positive. If you are looking for an unusual game, you should strike here.

World war shooter free

The World War II shooter “Tannenberg” can also be downloaded free of charge from the Epic Games Store until 5:00 p.m. today. Up to 64 players compete against each other on large battlefields. This title is also well received by the players, but requires a lot of training and resistance to frustration, since the learning curve is quite steep.

Download Lawn Mowing Simulator for free on the Epic Games Store

Download “Tannenberg” for free from the Epic Games Store

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