Free PS4 Games: The best free games for the Playstation

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For owners of a Playstation, there are two subscription services, Playstation Plus and Playstation Now, which give you access to free games for the PS4 and PS5. In the meantime, both services have a really considerable repertoire of great games that are completely free as part of your membership.

The free games also include numerous well-known titles and some current blockbusters, which you as a subscriber can download or stream for free. What games are these? We present you our favorites of the two services and show you three really good games that are free even without Plus and Now.

PS4 and PS5: The best free games on Playstation Plus

With the Playstation Plus subscription service you not only receive new top games every month, Playstation 5 owners also have access to the so-called Playstation Plus Collection. This collection contains 20 of the best games from the era of the Playstation 4. We present to you what we believe to be the best games from the PS Plus Collection.

“Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End”

Nathan Drake is now an unofficial mascot of the Sony games and has his last adventure in “Uncharted 4”. “Uncharted” is often described as a “Tomb Raider” with a male main character. The story revolves around pirates and the topic of family. The gameplay of “Uncharted 4” offers an open game world and, of course, the characters from the previous game series that we have come to love. The game is the perfect farewell to Nathan Drake and also an excellent, timeless action-adventure for the PS4.

“God of War”

The reboot of one of the most important series in Playstation history is one of the best Playstation games ever. This time Kratos sets out into Norse mythology and transforms himself into a complex and profound character who even slips into the role of a father. Thanks to his skills with the bow and his knowledge of the runic language, Kratos’ son Atreus is an important companion on their adventure together. In addition, the two main characters have a deep and believable relationship with each other. The combat system is even more complex and demanding with extensive talent trees, making “God of War” perhaps the best game of the last generation of consoles.

“Persona 5”

“Persona 5” is probably the most stylish JRPG in recent years, thanks mainly to the jazz music, the idiosyncratic game world and the individual characters. All of this is packed into a more than 100 hour long story with a turn-based combat system that demands a great deal of tactical skill from the player. In addition to these fights, it is also important to master the character’s everyday social life during the day, which often appears like two different games. This game is worth it just because of the size – but even more because of the stylish and high-quality content.

“The Last of Us Remastered”

“The Last of Us: Part II” was named Game of the Year 2020 at the Game Awards. But the predecessor “The Last of Us” already offered one of the best game stories of all time. The world was almost completely wiped out by a virus, and the survivors turned into undead mutations. In addition to this “The Walking Dead” approach, the game focuses primarily on the relationship between the two protagonists, which is staged here so tangibly and realistically that a player has hardly experienced in any other game before. If you still have “The Last of Us: Part II” ahead of you, you can now get in the mood for the masterpiece for free with the revamped version of its predecessor.

Playstation Now: These are the best free games for PS4 and PS5

Playstation Now offers you a huge selection of games from the entire Playstation history. We show you our three favorites here. You should note, however, that all three games are only available on Playstation Now for a certain time. So you should hurry if you want to play these games for free.


Among all the blockbusters, “Control” was a real surprise hit of the last generation of consoles. Main character Jesse Faden joins a secret New York agency that investigates psychic phenomena. Unsurprisingly, everything goes wrong and mysterious characters want to pound her. The highlight of this game for us are the strange office building and the stunning graphics, which make the game an atmospherically dense psychological shooting. Control will be available on PS Now through September 1st, 2021.

“Borderlands 3”

If you like to shoot, but also like role-playing games à la “Diablo”, then the “Borderlands” series is the right place for you. It’s not just a matter of your shooter skills and accuracy, but also of the loot you collect in the game. You bring your opponents around the corner with all kinds of creative weapons, collect the spoils of your opponents on the way and learn new skills. That is extremely motivating – regardless of whether you are a marksman, hand-to-hand fighter, hunter or machinist. There is something for every play style and on the new Playstation 5 the game looks even better and runs more smoothly. Borderlands 3 will be available on PS Now through September 29, 2021.

“Marvel’s Avengers”

You always wanted to slip into the role of your favorite Marvel characters and experience an epic story with them that could also come straight from an “Avengers” movie? In “Marvel’s Avengers” you become Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Ms. Marvel, Iron Man or other heroes. Only on Playstation consoles will Spider Man be added soon. Each of the heroes has their own typical skills and special attacks. You individualize your game character more and more in the campaign and in numerous other missions by upgrading the various attributes and abilities with numerous unlockable items.

The best games that are free even without Plus and Now

There are also real “free-to-play” titles on Playstation consoles that don’t require you to subscribe to PS Plus or PS Now to play them for free. But: Many of these titles are financed by overpriced purchases within the game. The games that we present to you here offer a complete gaming experience without any investment and you should definitely try them out.

“Horizon: Zero Dawn: Complete Edition”

As part of the Play at Home initiative, Sony has made some great games for free for a limited period of time. The period has already expired for most games, but you can still secure the absolute highlight of this promotion for free: “Horizon: Zero Dawn” is one of the best and most famous games of the PS4 era and you can watch the game including all of them extensions for free until May 15, 2021. The action adventure, in which the protagonist has to face an overwhelming number of mechanical beings, made it to number three on our list of the best PS4 games. At least now an absolute must for everyone – regardless of whether you own a PS4 or a PS5.

“Astro’s Playroom”

There are actually PS5 players who have missed “Astro’s Playroom” so far. The game is free for all Playstation 5 owners. It is perfect for getting to know the new capabilities of the PS5 and especially the DualSense controller. The game is a platforming game in which you get a demonstration of all the features of the PS5 and the controller. You jump, shimmy and shoot your way through the inside of a Playstation 5, with the individual components representing crazy game worlds.

“Fortnite: Battle Royal”

Even non-gamers have probably heard of “Fortnite” by now. The game that made the “Battle Royal” genre popular has long since made it into a mass cultural phenomenon. The players fight each other on a huge map that gradually gets smaller and narrower until at the end only one player remains. Numerous items of clothing, objects and weapons ensure that the action always remains varied and changing events ensure that there is always something new to discover despite the same process. Appearances by well-known characters from other games also contribute to the game’s increasing popularity. For example, football star Neymar has recently been featured in the game.

Disclaimer: We’re looking for products for you that we think you’ll like. The selection is subjective, but editorially independent. We have affiliate partnerships, which means that if you make a purchase using a link marked with an asterisk, we receive a small commission. Our recommendations and the selection of products are not influenced by this. The content is also independent of our advertising marketing. You can find our guidelines for journalistic independence here:


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