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Garbage data, duplicates, full desktop – with these freeware tools you can clean your system quickly and efficiently. Because superfluous data not only waste space, it also slows down the computer.

Hard drive full, Windows crawls at a snail’s pace and you can no longer see the desktop background for all the icons? We introduce free tools that clean up the hard drive, speed up Windows and clean up the desktop. Even duplicate files and a greasy startup are no problem for these top tools. A program even cleans up the Windows installation CD – so that unwanted ballast does not even end up on the computer during the next installation.

Even if the selected tools make a real effort and, depending on the system status, achieve remarkable results – they cannot work miracles. So don’t expect that after using the programs you will suddenly have 350 GB free again on your 500 GB hard drive, or that all the annoying toolbars will have disappeared and the browser will start up and load complex pages within seconds. In some cases, the only solution is to reinstall Windows. But before you tackle this, you can give your Windows paunch a diet. In three steps you can get Windows slim and slim. Together with the tools presented here, your system is usually sparkling clean afterwards.

If the software dirt and the remains of old installations are still too deep, the only solution is to reinstall Windows. Make a backup of your most important data and use nlite to create your desired Windows installation DVD. Optionally, you can create a USB stick for Windows installation. If you don’t already have an SSD, you should consider buying one, at least for the Windows partition. The loading times are enormously shortened by the fast memory.

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