Free tools from Google to download

Bet you haven’t heard of any of these free Google programs? Or did you not know that your favorite tool is part of the Google empire?

Everyone knows Google Chrome and the next thing that might come to mind is Google Earth. But what other tools does the search engine giant have a hand in? Because not every tool from Mountain View has a Google logo emblazoned on it. And some programs disappear from the scene at some point – even with such a giant corporation – while others are bought up largely unnoticed by the public. That makes the overview difficult. Do you already know all of the programs in the gallery?

The Google group is also very active on a larger front: operating systems. As early as 2009, the company introduced a particularly virus-safe and slim system called Chrome OS. The open source OS hardly ever runs its own applications locally from the hard disk. Almost all programs that the user uses come from the cloud – such as texts & tables alias Google Docs. Accordingly, the browser (i.e. Chrome) takes a central place in the operating system. Disadvantage: you always have to be online. In offline operation, you have to accept major restrictions.

A far more successful candidate is Android. The operating system for mobile devices, i.e. smartphones and tablets, has long since overtaken Apple’s rival iOS in terms of distribution. Android is also spreading to televisions and home appliances.

But Google doesn’t just develop web services like mail and texts & tables or software like Chrome. The company also has a secret research lab somewhere near San Francisco. Daring projects such as the elevator to the moon or the car are created there – completely without a driver.

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