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PDF is the standard among electronic documents and means more than just Adobe Acrobat Reader. We’ll show you the best Acrobat alternatives, converters and online services for everything to do with PDF – all free of charge.

Everyone knows and uses it, most of them every day: The Portable Document Format, or PDF for short, was developed by Adobe Systems in 1993. Since it is possible to reproduce and reproduce documents true to the original across platforms and without conversion errors, it is very popular. The format is still very much present so many years after it was invented. There are countless PDF readers on the web, even browsers can display PDFs. But after opening it stops for many users. You can also easily convert PDF files, fill in PDF forms or protect the files from unauthorized access. With our top tools for everything to do with PDF, you can use the format perfectly for your purposes.

The standard Adobe Acrobat Reader is not for everyone. For many it is too slow, others lack important functions. We’ll show you not only super replacements, but also the best tools for converting to and from PDF format and ingenious online PDF services.

Caution: Due to the widespread use of the standard, the PDF is also an often used tool by online criminals to smuggle malware onto your computer. If you open PDFs from a dubious source, you should at least be armed with new protection programs. In the case of obviously dubious sources, it is better not to open a PDF file entirely. If PayPal or Amazon is supposed to send you an unknown invoice, it is better to contact the support of the alleged company directly before opening the PDF file in the attachment. This is how you quickly expose traps set by third parties.

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