Free travel with an EU corona vaccination pass? – Not soon

Poland is showing the way: there is no quarantine obligation for vaccinated people when entering the country / EU heads of government will advise on Thursday

Poland made the start quietly: Those who have been vaccinated against Corona are allowed to enter without having to go into quarantine. A simple proof of vaccination is sufficient, as diplomatic circles confirm to the KURIER. With the great freedom to return to a normal life, it is not that far away. A strict lockdown still applies in Poland.
But Warsaw has thus set the first point in a debate that is getting louder and louder in Europe: Should EU citizens be able to travel freely again as soon as they are vaccinated against Covid-19? And should a kind of European vaccination certificate be drawn up as proof of this?


Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis has already been vaccinated

This is what Greece’s Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis calls for. In a letter to EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen, the conservative prime minister suggested: “People who are vaccinated should be able to travel freely.”

Most of the other EU heads of government have not yet caught this idea. On Thursday evening, at the video summit of the EU heads of state and government, the topic should be discussed at length.

Not averse, but nevertheless cautious, is the European Minister Karoline Edtstadler: “I think the initiative of the Greek Prime Minister makes sense to enable coordinated business travel and tourism as soon as possible,” she says to the KURIER. “We need uniform travel standards, also with regard to the mutual recognition of PCR and antigen rapid tests.”

Online travel form

But despite all promises to better coordinate with each other, all EU countries play according to their own rules when it comes to entry and quarantine regulations. There is not even a standardized digital entry form.
Such a solution would only be ready-made for the aviation sector – but the EU heads of government would still have to agree.


The Darmstadt Opera hopes for better times

In Berlin, the German government is dampening hopes that people who have been vaccinated will soon regain freedom of movement. And France’s State Secretary for European Affairs, Clement Beaune, even reacted “shocked”: It was still far too early for an EU vaccination certificate, he was annoyed.

Most opponents of such a certificate see it as nothing more than a “compulsory vaccination through the back door”.

All virologists are also on the brakes. The most important question has not yet been clarified: Can people vaccinated against corona continue to transmit the virus or not? There are no results yet. And as long as these are not available, the train in the direction of the EU vaccination pass to freedom should stand still.


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