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Accelerator for copy processes, tabs for Windows Explorer and delete all empty folders with one click – this freeware improves Microsoft Windows.

When they hear the word “Windows Explorer”, most people first think of the file manager in Windows, which can be started by right-clicking on the Windows start button and the corresponding option. But the term also refers to the work surface – such as the desktop. Our tools improve both components of Windows. The Microsoft OS, for example, has its own zip program. But to describe this as having little function or not too fast would be a valid euphemism. The open source alternative 7-Zip has of course long been known to experienced PC users. But do you also know FileMenu Tools, Image Resizer and OpenWith Enhanced?

FileMenu Tools significantly extends the context menu in Windows. For example, you can specifically delete data by omitting the recycle bin or split a file with a click of the mouse. Also possible: duplicate files, execute them with parameters, delete empty folders in one go and much more. So that the context menu does not become too confusing, we recommend that you activate options that are only relevant for you by checking the box in FileMenu Tools.

The Image Resizer, on the other hand, is limited to one area of ​​application: images. You can use the context menu to quickly reduce photos with this tool. This is useful before uploading to Facebook or sending via email – because the original from the camera, the images are often too large.

OpenWith Enhanced takes care of an old Windows problem: when opening a previously unused file type, Microsoft often enough leaves its users out in the rain. Windows simply throws a few installed programs at the user’s feet – according to the motto “eat or die!”. the user has to choose himself or search for the right program. OpenWith Enhanced supplements the Windows program list with additional applications and makes use of a continuously updated software database. The highlight: the list recommends tools that have already been installed on the PC as well as suitable programs that have not yet been installed.

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