Free version LastPass limited to one type of device

Starting March 16, the free version of the popular password manager LastPass will only work on one type of device: mobile devices or computers. Free users must choose which device they want to use the Password Vault on. They do this by logging in to the device they prefer after that date.

A paid subscription will be required from March 16 for use on both a computer and a mobile device, LastPass announced. Such a subscription costs just under 23 euros per year. An unlimited number of devices can be used per selected device type.

With password managers you store all your passwords in a digital safe. You only need one password to access all your other passwords.

The big advantage of this is that you can use a long and unique password for each service. A long password is difficult to crack, and a unique password means that if your password is stolen, the hacker will not be able to log in to another service.

Other well-known password managers are 1Password, Dashlane, Bitwarden and KeePass.


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