Freeware analyzes PC and warns of hardware damage

Keeping an eye on the CPU temperature, setting up a hard drive failure early warning system, detecting weak points in the network – with these tools you will not miss anything.

The computer crashes sometimes? With SpeedFan you can check whether the problem is that the CPU is too hot. Not only overclockers have to struggle with hot CPUs, demanding users also reach the limits of the processor. Use Acronis Drive Monitor to check whether the hard drive is defective. If Acronis Drive Monitor detects a defect, it’s quick to make a backup! A regular check is therefore recommended. And Driver View lists all drivers – remove those that are no longer required in order to rule out potential brakes and problem causes.

With CurrPorts and NetWorx you can find gaps in the network – so that hackers stay outside. In addition, you can track down Trojans – if they send masses of spied data home. Last but not least, you will find useful helpers in the gallery that tell you exactly what hardware is in your computer, apart from the version number. This is particularly useful when you are faced with the question: should I upgrade my computer? Especially with RAM bars, the most common recommendation is: It is best to use the exact same model again to upgrade the PC. In this way, you often rule out compatibility problems from the outset. Except for two or three free trial versions, all programs presented are freeware.

Which program do you use most often to check your hardware? Tell us your favorites!

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