Freightliner Thomas FS65: This US school bus is a motor home

That American School buses are a cool thing, is not just since the DMAX cult series “Steel Buddies“all about US car dealers Michael Manousakis and his team clear. The yellow giants come up trumps with their unique one optics on, offer crazy much place for all possible conceivable uses and are equipped with technology that can be described as practically indestructible.
In Alveslohe (Schleswig-Holstein) north of Hamburg is currently such a US school bus to sale. Of the Freightliner Thomas FS65 will be on eBay for 65,000 euros offered and comes up with an extraordinary feature: It is a ready to travel Camper! Apparently someone put a lot of love into the renovation. the Interior decoration namely reminds a bit of an American one CitizensShop from the 50s.

Freightliner Thomas FS65 Motorhome on eBay

Of the Freightliner according to the advertisement comes from the July 2001. A In-line six-cylinderTurbo diesel from Caterpillar with mighty 7.2 liters displacement and around 193 hp provides the propulsion. A Allison AT554 automatic transmission takes over the frictional connection. There is one Cruise control on board and – typically USA – one acoustic Warning function for driving in reverse. Of the Driver’s seat and the Rear axle are air suspension. Of the bus is according to the description in a excellent State and may apparently thanks to a matching one permit with the old one Cardriver’s license class 3.
eBay US American Schoolbus RV conversion

The interior is reminiscent of an American burger shop from the 1950s.

This Freightliner bus camper offers loads of amenities

The mileage is included 92,000 miles (approx. 148,000 kilometers). the Painting is New. Same goes for that Brake pads and the tires all around. The next appointment at TÜV is written in July 2022 at. the CamperConversions include, among other things, a compressorrefrigerator, two Gas bottles each with a volume of eleven liters, two Gas alarm, one Trumaheater, a three-flame Gas hob, a Fresh water– and one Waste water tank each with a capacity of 100 liters Bio toilet, an external gas connection for a grill is thought to be a backup camera and a lot more.
eBay US American Schoolbus RV conversion

The modifications turn the school bus into a vacation home.

Things to Know About US School Buses Before Buying

American commercial vehicles again Freightliner are durable and solid. The technical complexity and the Build quality may not always be on a par with European models. But especially with regard to point one, that can be a big one advantage The less difficult it is to maintain the vehicle, the more workshops or skilled mechanics can help. An extensive one Test drive with the bus– Motorhome is in short supply simply because of the specified 8.7 meters in length and three meters high Duty.

Freightliner Thomas FS65 Motorhome on eBay

The same goes for an exact one body– and technologyCheck: How is the Care history? Is there Workshop invoices or other evidence? From which USState comes the bus? which Seasons has he experienced in Germany? He stood in winter Stored dry in a well-ventilated barn, or was it driven on the road with salt? In what condition are frame and construction? Ultimately, it is important to examine who bus to the mobile home expanded has and how good the modification succeeded.

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