French parent company Engie is increasing pressure: government must decide on nuclear exit around New Year

But according to Engie it is much too late. If our country chooses to keep two reactors open, investments must be made quickly. This involves heavy investments of at least half a billion to a billion euros. A lot of decisions also have to be made quickly, says Clamadieu. Fissile material must be ordered on time. Furthermore, complex equipment must be built and complicated safety measures must be taken, according to Engie. The company is also making the case that the nuclear reactors can continue to run for another ten to twenty years.

Last week, Electrabel’s nuclear chief also announced that he was running out of patience with the government. In an internal video presentation, the CEO, Thierry Saegeman, said that Electrabel is suspending all investments related to a possible life extension of the two youngest reactors, as the government is sticking to the nuclear exit. At the same time, Electrabel says it wants to cooperate in both scenarios, both an exit from nuclear energy and an extension of the reactors. The message from France now sounds even stronger: time is really running out.


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