French President Macron wants to build six new nuclear power plants

This is reported by the French newspaper Le Figaro based on anonymous sources within the French government. President Macron would like to announce the construction of the six nuclear plants before Christmas.

gas crisis

According to Le Figaro, the European gas crisis has accelerated the decision to build new nuclear power plants. The high energy prices hit the French directly in the wallet. An Élysée spokesperson declined to comment and was unable to confirm the news.

Reactor in Flamanville

Last week Macron announced to invest 1 billion euros in smaller nuclear power plants. The construction of new nuclear power plants in France has been the subject of political discussion for some time.

This is mainly due to a reactor in Flamanville (in northwestern France), where construction has now been going on for ten years and is subject to continuous delays. Ministers still do not want to say when the plant will be operational.

Dependent on nuclear energy

France is dependent on nuclear energy for a large part of its electricity supply. More than 70 percent of the country’s electricity is generated by 56 nuclear reactors.

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