Friends: That’s how expensive Monica and Rachel’s apartment would be

Anyone going to Friends secretly dreams of living in Monica and Rachel’s apartment. But a large apartment, with lots of light and right in the center of New York, how much do you have to pay for that? And can Monica and Rachel actually afford that?

It comes as no surprise that sitcoms are not always equally credible. But sometimes series go very far in their unbelievability. There is Monica and Rachel’s apartment in it Friends. A beautiful apartment, but also one with a high price tag. That’s how we now find out on TikTok.

$ 6,000 to $ 8,000 per month

Two real estate agents from New York put it to the test. They calculated, based on their knowledge of apartment prices in New York, how much Monica and Rachel should pay for their apartment each month. They shared their findings on TikTok (@newyorkcityrealtor).

For example, we know that the apartment is located in West-Village, a popular but also pricey neighborhood in New York. Then, based on the width of the door, they calculated the area of ​​the apartment. It would be about 111 to 140 square meters, including two large bedrooms and a spacious balcony. According to the brokers, this means that the price comes down to 6,000 to 8,000 dollars per month (just under 5,000 to 6,600 euros). An amount that Monica and Rachel would be unable to pay with their wages as cook and waitress.

But the creators of Friends have adapted a sleeve to that. For example, Monica and Rachel would have to pay barely $ 200 a month for the large apartment since her grandmother bought it in 1940. Since that date it has been “rent-controlled“Which means that the price has not increased since then.

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